Removing a tree is far more complicated than simply cutting a wedge in it with a chainsaw and then pulling it down. A tree may not fall in the direction you want it to; you may need to be aware of property, people and even power lines which are nearby. Any of these items can make your tree removal exercise far more complicated. It is standard practice to fell the branches first and then bring down the remainder of the tree; possibly in sections. This means that you will need to climb up the tree, preferably with specialist equipment, to minimize the risk.

A tree which does not have a straight trunk can cause additional issues as can ones which are not easy to get to. In fact, some trees will need to be felled manually by physically climbing the tree and securing yourself with a harness.

Why Have Your Tree Removal Carried Out By An Expert

Tree removal does not end once you have got the tree to the ground, you will then need to do something with all the wood you have. You may be surprised at how much wood one tree can produce! You will need to chop it into manageable pieces and remove the wood, alternatively, you may need the wood for yourself and you will need to chop it into burnable sizes and store it somewhere. All of this takes time, effort and equipment; all things which you may have in short supply. In fact, you may well decide that the time and effort alone will make it more beneficial to hire a professional.

Even when you have completed all of this you will be left with a stump. The stump will need to be dug out, burned out or even left to rot. None of these are easy options!

The Professionals:

You will find a firm near you that offers tree removal services. The best firms, such as Michael Tree Service offers a complete tree removal service and will even provide a stump removal, landscaping service and a tree care service. You can find out more information regarding the service they offer by visiting their website.

Any professional firm should have a good level of experience dealing with tree removal or tree care and will be able to remove your tree with the minimum of fuss. They will also be fully insured and cover any damage, should the tree fall the wrong way.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a professional tree removal service is that they will save you a huge amount of time and inconvenience. They can cut the wood up into whatever size you like and leave it at your house; they can even stack it for you in the right place. Alternatively they can take away all the wood. There may be a small charge for this additional service but it does mean that there is nothing for you to do except pay the bill!

Professional tree removal firms can also offer advice on any other trees which are in your garden and may need to be felled, trimmed or simply maintained better.