Vanish has proved its credentials as the world’s leading stain removing system, over and over again. Have you tried Vanish yet?

Our parents and elders always tell us to be cautious and careful in our life. They tell us watch our back, not take unnecessary risks and always keep out of harm’s way. Most of us are able to follow this advice to a large extent – but there is always a time when the unforeseen happens. After all, you cannot go through life looking over your shoulder, can you?

Just like things have a way of unexpectedly happening, so also do minor quibbles like stains take place regularly in our lives. Try as we might, we cannot always guard against stains on our clothes. Somebody may upset a cup of tea all over our white shirt, or one may pick up grass stains after sitting down in the park. There are umpteen opportunities for stains to latch on to our clothes – when we cook, when we have our meals, when we play, when we travel, even while working at our desks.

The point is, stains are an indelible part of everyone’s lives. But that is no reason to befriend them at all – in fact, most stains are not as hardy as they first appear! Your previous experiences with such substances as ink, coffee, tea, oil, ketchup, mud, grass and blood, among others, may have been bad ones. But as stubborn as these stains are, there is a way to remove them forever – just use Vanish.

Why Vanish?

  • Because Vanish is the world’s foremost household fabric stain remover. It performs better and faster than other stain removers in the market today. You do not need expensive dry cleaning treatments if you have Vanish at hand.
  • Because it is so easy to use. It is available in both powder and liquid form, so you can pick the variant you prefer.
  • Because it ensures complete stain removal in the first wash. It is a rare stain indeed that does not come off with application of Vanish.
  • Because it protects your clothes’ fibres and colours even as it aggressively attacks the stains.

How to use Vanish

When using Vanish Shakti O2 stain remover powder, you can either dab the powder directly on the wet stain and allow it to set before washing, or let the garment soak in water and a scoop of the powder before washing. Similarly, you can either apply Vanish Liquid directly on the stain, or add it to half a bucket of water when soaking the stained garment.

After this, all you have to do is put the stained clothing with the rest of your laundry and wash it as you normally do, with your usual detergent and some of Vanish. When your clothes are washed, you will see no sign of the stains that were troubling you for so long!