When a need of safe and sophisticated transportation solution for less than full load consignments arises in Europe, people recommend European Groupage as the best solution of the time. In the entire Europe, there is a great network of European groupage services as there are several players working as groupage service providers in this place. But have you ever thought why modern business and people give more importance of groupage services than any other transportation solution available in the market? Well, if not, then this is the right time to look into this matter and find out why they have known as the cost-effective and the safest transportation solution for less than full load consignments.

Why European Groupage Is Called A Cost-Effective Solution For Consignments!

What Is Groupage Service –

The basic concept of a groupage service is that; the consolidator which can either be a haulier or a forwarder, groups the consignments from different shippers to varied consignees in the destination country in one transporting unit. During the transportation, a special care is given to determine that your consignment should be suitable for loading and should be free from any sort of damage during physical unloading or loading and transportation.

Groupage Services Are Benefitting All Commercial Industries In Europe –

In Europe, you will find an exclusive range of groupage solutions by the haulage and freight forwarding industries, spreading around all across the commercial markets in Europe. Generally, the biggest factor in groupage services is the price that determines 3 tier groupage service quality which includes 48 hours delivery, overnight delivery and economy shipment delivery. It is seen that the industry structure also effects on the decision of choosing different types of groupage service providers. For example, the MNCs have developed a great network in the European country as per organic development and their acquisition of businesses. So, ultimately, there are operators who specialise in niche commodities and niche markets where individual needs and individual service of a customer is kept on the priority.

Other Important Factors Of European Groupage Solutions –

In groupage services, road freight is known as the key dominating mode of transportation. So, the flexibility of the transporting vehicle to conduct door to door consignment distribution results in the elevation of the need of rail from European market; however environmental viewpoints are encouraging the growth of depot-depot haul. Therefore, the designing of a channel tunnel has also indicated that several groupage operations handled by air have now connected to the road transport.

So, for determining the equal regulatory for both operator and customers, each and every European Groupage service is being run as per the convention of CMR which makes and sets the liabilities and rights of all parties. In the year 1960, CMR convention was first to come into the existence and it keeps on regulating the market to run groupage services in line.

Thus, choosing groupage solution by varied industries in Europe gives them a peace of mind and feel for the safety of their valuable consignment due to high level of security, management and supervision.