In recent years, the UAE has become a global center for business and entertainment – prestigious 7-star hotels, clean beaches with crystal clear water and luxury car rental in Dubai by rentalcars24h, all these features have long become an integral part of the rapidly growing city.

Magnificent ski resorts, underwater hotels, artificially created islands and the tallest building in the world – everything in this city indicates uniqueness of Dubai and incredible potential for business. And this is only a small part of what can be found in the city of endless possibilities. Let’s try to understand the reasons for such an incredible success of the fastest growing city in the world…

Geostrategic Position

Due to a successful location on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai has become a real bridge between the West and the East. The oldest sea trade route passes there, forming excellent opportunities for business.

The warm climate helped to make the city the center of traveling. Dubai is a real tropical paradise for any tourist, and this is another reason to invest in business there.


Of course, nowadays few people will be surprised by skyscrapers. However, Dubai has surpassed all of them by presenting the world’s highest skyscraper Burj Khalifa and other such impressive buildings, as Burj Al Arab Hotel and Dubai Fountains.

The road and sea infrastructure deserves special attention and is considered to be one of the best and most developed in the world. In Dubai, you will find the cheapest and most convenient types of transport in the form of buses, taxis, metro, trams and high-speed trains.

Recreational Facilities

Nowhere else in the world you’ll see such breathtaking entertainments as in Dubai. Diving, underwater hotel rooms, tennis courts placed at a bird’s eye height, a ski resort in the heart of the desert – all these features are accompanied by a unique oriental hospitality. You will never forget the time spent there. That’s why the entertainment business in Dubai is one of the most stable and profitable.

Dubai is the seventh city in the world in terms of attendance, and the city with the fastest growing air traffic. It should be noted that Dubai is among 10 centers of world shopping, so tourism and shopping bring huge economic benefits to the city.

Theme Parks and Beaches

The UAE are full of wonderful beaches and gorgeous amusement parks. However, the best of them are located exactly in Dubai. The oriental world tourism center attracts millions of visitors all year round. That’s why many businessmen invest their finances there.


Luxury and Wealth

Rich people of Dubai like to pamper themselves with luxury. Their immense wealth allows them to spend money without thinking – this fact attracts businessmen from all over the world. Unemployment level is below 4% in Dubai, so money is always in motion there. So, the rule is very simple: investors and businessmen want to invest money if people like to spend them.

Striking Profitability of Real Estate

Many people invest huge amounts of money to buy realty in Dubai, where its profitability is considered to be one of the greatest in the world! Therefore, this fact motivates investors to invest heavily. And it’s not without a reason, because the real estate and building sectors occupy an impressive 22.6% of the city’s economy.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel

Constant Building Process

Dubai is a place where new shopping and office centers, hotels and shops constantly appear. This means that the building is very developed there, which creates a large number of jobs and opportunities for business development. There are already thousands of proposals for investing in the city, so Dubai constantly grows and develops.

Dubai, August 2011

Tax-Free Zone

Despite the huge profitability and endless possibilities of the city, the state doesn’t tax property and income in Dubai. This gives investors the real freedom to receive 100% of income. It’s needless to say that this is a serious incentive for investment there.

Expo 2020

Expo 2020 will be a grandiose exhibition. What will it give to business? Thousands of new opportunities, great profits and outstanding prospects, especially after the exhibition itself, when sellers will find their customers and a new phase of global business will begin. Also, the exhibition will affect the increase in the cost of everything in the city – this is another reason to start investing in Dubai right now.

Political and Economic Stability

Lack of order and not working laws are one of the major reasons for the outflow of capital. And the government of Dubai takes good care of the economic and political stability of the city. The government makes every effort to provide optimal conditions for businesses and investors, creating programs aimed at improving education, health, recreation, living conditions and other amenities.

Dubai can rightfully be considered one of the world’s safest cities for living and doing business. So, the United Arab Emirates took care that investors feel comfortable and safe there.