Why Corporate Responsibility Matters

It’s not just Fortune 100 multinationals that know the value of a corporate social responsibility agenda. Popular brands such as travel site, are passionately committed to supporting good causes that are meaningful to their staff and customers and which deliver tangible benefits to their charities of choice.

Ethical Business is Good Business customers enjoy competitive rates on over 300,000 holiday accommodations in more than 100 countries. However, as well as being passionate about travel and customer service, the team believes strongly in responsible travel and environmental good practices. It is also the Platinum Sponsor of People Against Poverty; a powerful grassroots charity that helps to provide essential basic services such as food, housing, clothing, education and medical support, to communities affected by poverty.

The Benefits

Corporate responsibility initiatives offer great benefits, from financial gains through to staff motivation and increased morale. Such programmes offer PR benefits for the business itself, as well as delivering powerful and very meaningful improvements to the beneficiaries they support.

A Cheeky Monster – with an Important Message

As part of the delivery of this CSR message, uses a little character to bring the company’s messages to life – in a fun, and engaging way. The brand’s charming little monster character can be seen on his own Facebook page: In addition to giving holidaymakers handy tips to ensure their holidays are as successful as possible, the character promotes the good work of People Against Poverty and plays a vital engagement and promotional role in making the charity’s work visible to the wider public.

A Values-Led Business is also one of an increasing number of modern business brands that are values-led, and the corporate values of integrity, authenticity and total customer satisfaction drive everything that the business does. In a world of ethical and sustainable business, this is great marketing practice; customers with budgets to spare are increasingly keen to seek out businesses and brands in which they can believe and which have values aligned with their own. In this case, values-led marketing is a powerful strategy that benefits society at large, as well as the business owners and stakeholders.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

The team at Monster has chosen a single charity to support so that their work is focused and at the heart of the firm’s corporate social responsibility agenda. The charity was chosen because its programmes supported the business’ values and strategic direction, and the fact that the work benefits individuals in countries which are often beautiful to visit as tourists, but wherein poverty remains rife. The team sponsors children in need through the People Against Poverty charity, and staff have also been out to Romania to build shelters to help communities in a direct and practical way. Find out more here:

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