Some agree that not all children need vitamins. Ideally, children would get all of the vitamins and minerals they need from a diet that is both balanced and healthy. This includes getting milk and dairy, fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables and even protein such as chicken. The main problem is that some parents find it difficult to give their kids home-cooked meals every single day and this is why so many paediatricians recommend a daily vitamin which provides for them all of the nutrient requirements they need. If you are not quite sure if your kids need chewable vitamins or not, then this is the guide for you.

Kids who Don’t Eat Well-Balanced Meals

Sometimes your child might not be eating regularly, they might not be eating meals which are well-balanced. There is not always something that you can do about this. Well-balanced meals need to be made fresh and they need to be made by using whole foods. It can be very difficult for you to prepare foods like this every single day, and that is why added vitamins are so essential. If you give your child children’s chewable vitamins then you will be able to make sure that they are eating high-quality whole foods and you can also make sure that they are getting a very well-balanced diet too.

Kids who Have Health Conditions

Kids who have a chronic health condition, which can include asthma or even digestive problems may find it very difficult to get the vitamins they need. If you can give them a chewable vitamin then this will make it much easier for them to get their nutritional needs met. You just need to make sure that you talk with your child’s doctor beforehand though, as they can advise you on the supplements your children need to take; a doctor can also help you if your child is taking any kind of medication.

Kids who Eat a lot of Fast Food

Kids who happen to eat a lot of fast food, processed food or even convenience food may also benefit from taking vitamins. If you know that your child isn’t eating very well because they are a picky eater, then taking a vitamin could really help them to make sure that their nutritional needs are met. If you know that your child is on a vegetarian diet or even a vegan diet, then there’s a high chance that they may need an iron supplement. They may also need a dairy-free diet supplement as they won’t be getting the calcium they need either.

Kids who Drink Carbonated Soda

Did you know that kids who drink a lot of carbonated soda can experience vitamin and mineral deficiency? The vitamins and minerals will be leached from their body and for this reason, you have to make sure that what is being leached off is replaced. If you don’t then you may find that your child ends up suffering and they may even go on to develop unwanted health issues later on in their childhood or later life.