Knives can be dangerous, even in the hands of experienced users, which is why safety is such an important factor. You can minimise many common risks by investing in safety knives, but what benefits do they bring to the table and why are they such a worthwhile purchase?

Diverse Applications

These knives are intended for a range of functions, from cutting cardboard boxes and packing tape to tackling twine, fishing line, plastic containers and many other common materials. They also come in different designs which reflects this, with some featuring retractable blades, while others have blades that are permanently exposed, but made safe thanks to the presence of very small apertures giving access to the cutting edge.

The feature which you can expect all models to share is a comfortable, ergonomically sound grip which allows the user to hold the knife firmly and get to work with it without putting themselves or others at risk of injury.

You should also look for a safety knife which is built to last, with durable materials used in the construction of its handle. Easy access to the blade for the purposes of replacement can be advantageous, especially in terms of prolonging the life of the product and reducing the need to buy an entirely new knife whenever the blade becomes blunt or snaps.

Other features vary from model to model, with some featuring extra tools for added convenience, while others have spring-loaded retraction mechanisms that make it easy to keep the blade within the body of the handle when it is not needed, further enhancing safety.

Some models even have more than one opening into which the material that is intended to be cut can be inserted, accounting for a number of different circumstances without ever compromising in terms of safety.

Safety First

A safety knife should be considered important because its design allows the owner additional peace of mind, not only while they are using it themselves, but also while it is being stored. All knives should be kept out of reach of children, but with modern safety models, there are far fewer ways in which damage can be done.

Many people prefer to use this type of knife over scissors because it can offer significant improvements to safety without compromising on cutting power. As well as being targeted at domestic customers, this type of product is just as much at home in a commercial setting, whether a retail outlet, a factory or any number of other facilities.

The potential safety risks associated with knives should be obvious, so plenty of people and employers recognise that a safety-focused version of this important cutting implement can be a real boon. They can also be affordable, colourful and built to last, meaning that the importance of their safety features is further bolstered thanks to the range of other features that are on offer to those that commit to a purchase.