Not too long ago, windows and doors were considered to be elementary construction segments within a house or a building, but not anymore. They play an important role in the functional aspects and vastly modify the look of any given space. The help in permeating the interior temperature, noise attenuation, energy saving, and letting in natural light and air.

uPVC or un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride doors and windows have soared up high in popularity as they provide great usability to the house. Not only are they cheaper than other commercial windows and doors, but they are extremely strong and visually appealing as well. uPVC improves the appearance whenever applied to any edifice. Read on to find out the reasons why homeowners and offices are switching to uPVC:

Provides insulation

uPVC provides a high level of insulation that keeps the house warm even during chilly winter months and prevents heat from entering your house during summers. Moreover, the material is environment-friendly when compared with wooden and aluminum counterparts that affect your electricity bills. Since uPVC insulates the temperature well, the cooling and heating systems don’t use extra electricity thereby, reducing power usage and bill amount.

Requires low maintenance

Unlike wooden doors that are extremely prone to flaking, rusting, and corroding, UPVC doors and windows require low maintenance. They are waterproof and made up of durable material, which makes them rigid, long-lasting and resilient. All they require is an occasional wipe-down and oiling from time to time for maintenance. uPVC products can be easily removed, fixed or adjusted.

Provides better security

uPVC doors and windows are reinforced with galvanized steel, which renders extremely tough. They are hard to be broken down by force or pried open even with a crowbar. Additionally, the material is sea-water resistant and extremely durable that protects the doors and windows from any kind of harsh weather, especially in coastal areas. uPVC is resistant to combustion and possesses fire retardant compounds. If you wish, you can install multi-point locks within your doors and windows to increase security.

Eliminates external noise

After a busy day at work, everyone needs some quiet and a peaceful environment to de-stress themselves. This is hardly possible due to the increasing traffic in the neighborhoods. The glass is fitted into the uPVC frame in such a way that it makes the structure airtight thereby, eliminating exterior noises. uPVC is the perfect substitute to elaborate soundproofing systems.