People seem to have very strong opinions when it comes to art galleries. Many have never even visited an art gallery, many people tend to think that they are not for them to visit, and that they won’t be welcome. Contemporary artists are very busy people who are trying to juggle many things. Art isn’t a subject that is very well educated in schools. So, when schools visit a gallery, the pupils will more than likely be amazed as what they see and find out.

Art galleries are very inspiring places, and there are many reasons why you should take some time out during your busy schedule to visit one…

1.  One of the many reasons why you should visit an art gallery, it is free! Walk around the gallery, at your own pace and take in the breath-taking art. It won’t cost you a penny. What a way to spend you day!

2. By visiting art galleries, you will begin to familiarise yourself with not only artists, but also their work, before they even become famous.

3. For many people, art is a form of meditation. Nothing will help clear your mind, like visiting an art gallery will. Art galleries often restore a great sense of calm and wholeness.

4. Nothing will boost your own personal creativity more than visiting art galleries. If you want to unleash your own creativity, try a different gallery each time.

5. Contemporary art museums aren’t the only places that you can learn about art. You can learn plenty in art galleries too. Any good art gallery will have friendly staff on hand who can tell you all about the art that you’re viewing, as well as talking to you about the artist themselves. No one will be judging you on your knowledge of art, just visit the gallery and enjoy yourself.

6. If you’re willing to open yourself up to art, you’ll allow an entire world of creativity to transform you as a person. By looking around/museum once a month, you’ll see for yourself. Art and art galleries will help you to express yourselves.

7. Art if not anything else, is simply a way to have fun. All contemporary art requires, is that you spend a little time with it. Get to know it, explore it, the process is fun. Art teaches and reveals who we are to ourselves. If you don’t like the show in one gallery, keep it moving, don’t let if put you off visiting another gallery. You have the power to pick and choose the art that you like and want to spend time with. And the most important point to remember- enjoy.

There is definitely a different experience meeting someone in person, rather than just looking at their photograph on a website. Art galleries are important because it’s a place where artists, collectors and other visitors can approach. It’s a place which can create a real social network for people who are interested in arts. Art galleries can create a comforting, focused atmosphere for visitors to enjoy artworks.

Mary Simpson