The internet is a minefield of information and with so many websites jostling for attention, it stands to reason that a well-designed website will fare better than a site that has been put together on the hoof. A great website matters significantly in this day and age, and here are some compelling reasons why.

Why A Great Website Matters


How you present yourself via your website affects how viewers perceive you as a company. According to Forbes Magazine from SEO and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design affects your entire internet presence.


A website that looks good and is easy to navigate is more likely to keep visitors staying put than clicking away. Research has shown that a visitor will decide to stay on a website in a matter of a few seconds, so you do not have long to make a good impression. A website that looks and feels great is more likely to convert visitors into repeat customers, compared to one that doesn’t do the job properly.

Call to Action

A great website enables you to easily achieve your desired call to action, as well as allowing visitors to understand what that call to action is, and how they can go about achieving it in a fuss-free way. According to Entrepreneur you need to decide how you should reach and communicate with customers: will they purchase products, read articles, subscribe to newsletters, or communicate through blogs and online communities?


If you want to stay ahead of your competitors one of the best ways to achieve this is to ensure your website is polished, current and user friendly. Cobbling a website together to save some cash might do you a disservice if you lack the design know-how, so it is worthwhile investing in expert design services such as Oxford web design business who can professionally put a website together for you that meets your requirements – and keeps you ahead of your competitors.


A great website lets you explain succinctly who you are and what you do, using content such as publishing articles or blog posts, images and even videos. The saying that ‘content is king’ certainly holds some truth, as even a well-designed website will not achieve success without decent content. The content on a website should tie in with the interests of the target audience, and be informative, engaging and current enough to ensure that visitors keep coming back to your site.


A website that has been thoughtfully designed is better poised for effective search engine optimisation, or SEO. It is recognised that a website that incorporates fresh and useful content containing relevant keywords can get a higher ranking among search engine listings, making a website easier to find. On the other hand, a poorly designed website that has given no thought to SEO in its construction or content is more likely to get penalised by search engine giants such as Google, meaning your site could fall off the radar in search listings.