More and more cases of bullying among adolescents both in the classroom and through the network. Many young people are abused by their classmates, who insult and threaten those also using social networks. This implies that for receive an attack on their self-esteem and emotional development.

The involvement of parents, both harassed and the harasser, to the phenomenon of bullying and bullying is very necessary. Be on either side of the barrier is to be in trouble and so important is to prevent the stalker continues to harass the victim and continue to suffer harassment.

Parents who know these cases often feel despair to see their children unhappy and distressed by the treatment they receive from other peers, which leads to them having to change school or even move to another city. How can parents ensure accountability for this behaviour? The following aspects must be taken into account:

Who Is Responsible For Bullying

Who We Demand Accountability for Bullying

1. If the offender is over 14 years old, have criminal responsibility, as set out in the Criminal Responsibility of Minors therefore be directly lodge a complaint against the child itself, which would be transferred to the Juvenile Court. Apart from criminal responsibility, in this same process could require liability because the family of the victim has the right to seek compensation for damages to less harassing his son, his parents or school.

2. When the offender is under 14, has no criminal liability for his age, and the criminal complaint filed against stay. However, they may respond civilly their parents or guardians in fact, that is responsible for the college or school.

Harassment on the Web: Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is bullying in the network, so the facts are halfway between the school and the home of the teenage victim of such abuse. In these cases it may be more difficult to hold accountable, so we must take into account:

1. When less than 14 years has conducted harassment halfway between home and place of study is the judge who must determine if the parents and the school are jointly responsible. In both cases it is liability, i.e., compensation for damages and that children fewer than 14 are not criminally respond.

2. If the cyber bullying has taken place in the school for students of the institute, teachers have an obligation to intervene. If the latter, cognizant of the fact, they did not have his address or not enough, can be held criminally responsible for a crime they skip the professional duty.

3. Parents are always encouraged to collect all electronic evidence left in the network, i.e., messages which reflect insults, threats, etc.