The work plan multiplies the materials and colors to match the best in the kitchen decor. Not sure where the choice of worktop material of your kitchen? Then read this guide and you will have all the necessary information to choose your kitchen worktop.

Stone Kitchen Worktops

  • Kitchen Worktop Marble

The work plan marble offers endless drawings of extraordinary colors. If it is beautiful, unfortunately it has a lot of drawbacks and is not suitable for use in the work plan. Fearing stains and moisture, it requires some maintenance. It is therefore essential to regularly apply a water repellent. For a work plan kitchen marble must be softened that is to say, the surface irregularities have been resolved. He cannot bear the heat and fragile fearing blows and scratches. Its maintenance is done with water and mild soap. Moreover, very heavy, it must always be set up by a professional and always carried on singing.

  • Kitchen with granite worktop

Granite is a material that is ideal for a work plan. His appearance as smooth as marble, offers all kinds of small spots that make the living eye. Very tough, heat resistant, scratch, he converses with water and soap but especially not abrasives. Expensive, it may be replaced by reconstituted granite. For the price, the range is wide depending on the origin, pattern, color: between 200 and 350 euros per m2 in 3 cm thick. or even more for rare colors. Granite is the best stone for kitchen worktops. Granite Kitchen Worktops gives a different look to your kitchen.

  • Kitchen worktop slate

The slate worktop seduced by its irregular appearance, pleasant to touch and subtlety of its hues. Composed of strata, it is not very porous but does not support acids. Be careful with vinegar (acetic acid), lemon. Before first use, you must apply a resin protective treatment. The work plan slate fears scratches, consider using a cutting board. More affordable than marble is available in the GSB (DIY stores) tiles of 30 x 30 cm to pose as a tile and returns to 120 euros per m2. Worktop the ardoiseest worked in a thickness of 30 to 40 mm to 380 euros per m2.

  • The work plan kitchen Corian

Corian® is a material manufactured by the DuPont Company. This is an acrylic polymer resin mixed with natural minerals and pigments. Impeccable appearance, soft touch can be shaped, molded colored according to your desires. The joints between the pieces are made ​​of silicone, avoiding the infiltration of water into the worktop. You can also cast your sink in the same material and integrate it into the work plan. The heat does not scare him and in addition it is very solid. You can even cut it. A simple sanding gives your worktop in Corian® nine. It would therefore have no defect? Say it is not cheap: from 300 to 600 euros per m2.

The Work Plan Kitchen Laminates

  • The kitchen worktop laminates:

Affordable, you know him well. Big aspect progress has been made: the work plans now have a look polished concrete, faux granite illusion that do well. Prefer straight edges and thicker, current and rounded corners. No need for a professional to ask, but its cut needs to be made ​​carefully built especially for a sink so you do not cause chips on the edges. The seals around the worktop must be made ​​with silicone. Please do not place hot items on the laminate work surface or to cut it directly. The laminate is not eternal but it offers the advantage of being cheap, about 70 euros per m2 and maintenance is simple, water and soap.

  • Kitchen worktop in solid wood

The kitchen worktop in solid wood has the quality to make the kitchen warm like the kitchens of yesteryear. Moreover it is a living material, natural, noble. However it offers multiple disadvantages: it does not like the heat and can ignite. The solid wood worktop requires major maintenance, due process of varnish, and it is not hygienic. Like a wooden cutting board, the work surface may facilitate the development of undesirable bacteria in the grooves of the wood. The most affordable is the beech wood, known for its correctness. Expect to pay about 80 euros per m2 for the first prize. And much more to the oak.

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