Where To Find Jewellery Making Inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing. You can book off a full afternoon to work on your jewellery and be sitting in your studio with all of your materials laid out in front of you ready to go, but your mind is a blank. Then, at another time when you are simply driving down the road or brushing your teeth before bed then a bright flash of inspiration can hit you and you can be full of ideas for your next project.

Although inspiration can be fleeting, there are some ways that you can look for inspiration when you want ideas for your next jewellery making project. Then, you can put together a plan, buy craft supplies online and get started on your one of a kind creation. Here are some places to find your next great idea.

The Natural World

Many jewellery makers find that they get a lot of inspiration from nature when they are creating their designs. Take a walk out in the forest or along the beach and see what you can find. Maybe a beautiful stone gives you an idea for a colour or a pattern that you want to create in your next piece of jewellery. Maybe the way that spiders weave their web between two branches of a tree gives you inspiration for a wire necklace. The natural world is truly beautiful and holds a lot of inspiration for a jewellery maker. Here are some gorgeous examples of jewellery that is inspired by nature.

Jewellery Making Tutorials on YouTube

When you start looking around on Youtube you will find a massive collection of jewellery making tutorials that will give you some great ideas of what you can do. You can learn new techniques or how to use new materials, then add your own twist to create something of your own. You can even combine two or more techniques into a one of a kind piece.


Pinterest is a great place to go for jewellery inspiration, as there are always so many beautiful photos of jewellery being posted every day. You can create a board on Pinterest and use it to collect things that inspire you. This can be images of jewellery but it can also be photos that capture something that you want to convey in your designs. For example, you might like a photo of a sunset because you want to include that particular shade of pinkish purple in your next design.


This is another great website for jewellery making inspiration, as there are so many beautiful images posted by users every day. You can follow other jewellery makers and look at their images for inspiration and you can also post your designs and get likes and comments from other users. Instagram also has a new stories feature, so you will be able to post videos about your jewellery making as well.

A Thrift Store

Sometimes it can be really inspiring to head to your local thrift store and see what you can find there. Often you can find unique retro jewellery that will give you some inspiration for ideas that you can use in your designs. Also, you might find some other items such as clothing, artwork or home furnishings that will light a spark of inspiration within you. You might even find some cool little objects such as gems, buttons, stones and much more that you can use in your jewellery making.

Fashion Blogs

There are so many stylish fashion bloggers out there who really have a great eye for what is beautiful, unique, fun, quirky and timeless. Take a look at some of the fashion blogs that are online so that you can get some inspiration from what they are wearing. You might get a few ideas from the pieces of jewellery that they feature.

These are just a few of the places that you can find inspiration for your next jewellery making project. When you go looking for inspiration you might find it in a few different places and then you can put together the different elements that inspired you in order to create something that is uniquely you.

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