If you live by the local barber or you are him, then you probably don’t need to read this article.  But for the majority of people who don’t know the difference between an electric shaver and a specific beard trimmer, you may want to keep on reading.

While millions of Men have to maintain their facial hair (job regulations, school regulations, keep the wife or girlfriend happy etc.) the process of doing so is overlooked.  Thousands of men settle for a cheap trimmer that won’t do the job good.  It may break, cut them or not be able to get wet yet instead of paying $100 more for something that lasts they stick with it through the years.  This isn’t the 1700s people and we don’t have to look like cavemen!  It’s okay to fork out alitle bit of money now and have some good years of smoothness on that face.

So – where to begin then?  If you don’t know of anyone to ask then start online.  The best beard trimmer reviews is at GetitGroomed.  He offers deep insight to brands like Phillips, Remington, Norelco, Panasonic Razors and more.  Getitgroomed also has a Youtube channel that demonstrates how to use them.  They give very in depth reviews and from what I can tell aren’t paid by the companies themselves to promote one over the other.

Where to go from there?  If you can pinch your pennies and buy the best one then you are good to go.  If you can’t do that at this time, go with a basic one and order it online if you aren’t in a retail location.

Article Summary

You will be glad you did some research in this area and you can thank me later when you aren’t getting your face cut by cheap brand facial trimmers.  For now, that is all I have to say and hope you are having a fun summer this year!