A nursing resume is just like any other, but there are some clear distinctions. Every industry is different and a resume should be adapted accordingly. If you are a registered nurse and need to get your resume done, there are some things you need to know. Even if you already have a resume completed, it is always a good idea to update it regularly.

When it comes to an rn resume, you need to follow all of the healthcare industry rules. There are ways to make your resume stand out above the pile of others. You have worked hard to get to this point. See your resume writing as an extension of your studies. Take it just as seriously and give the process the time and commitment it requires.


Before you start with your resume, think about all of the experience you gained up until this point. Make a quick list of this. When you start writing your resume, you can often times leave out important information. Actually, make this a separate process. Take a few hours out of your day and really ponder on your experience and skills. This will take you much further than your average grade.

Cover letter

You are going to have to write the best cover letter of your life. Always keep in mind that there will be tons of others. Keep your short, but powerful. A graduate nurse cover letter should be mindful of the place of possible employment. Show that you have done your research on the facility and that it is in line with your goals. When you apply for a job, the person reading your cover letter should believe that you have given this a lot of thought.

Required vs Preferred

Make sure you meet all of the requirements on the job ad, but not all the preferred skills. Once you have all of the required skills, you need to make sure you list it on your resume. When it comes to resumes for nurses you want to include all the keywords you can. The competition is fierce and you need to step up with an outstanding resume. If you do not have the preferred skills, you can motivate how you plan to bridge those gaps.


Pay attention to your resume format. This is actually more important than some people believe. Find as much information beforehand as humanly possible. Adjust your format to the required standards of the possible place of employment. This shows that you have gone the extra mile. You also don’t want your resume to be thrown out by something that can easily be corrected.


Even with the fierce competition for nursing positions, you can still win with your resume. The key is to stand out and apply all of the regulations. You also do not want to sell yourself short and not apply. A lot of times we don’t send in our application because we fear rejection. Let that go and submit your resume.