When It Comes To Write A Thesis: What You Need To Know

When It Comes To Write A Thesis: What You Need To Know

A thesis is more than just a document submitted to the school to get good grades. Its importance could go as far as being used as a reference for your cover letters and resumes.

There is, therefore, a need to write a good thesis. Due to its significance, it has led to the development of online platforms like Malaysian thesis writing service, to help individuals write good arguments. For your thesis to be satisfactory, you should consider the following:

1. Pick an interesting topic

If you pick an item of your liking, your thesis will reflect, not only to your peers but to your tutors the authenticity of the work that will be submitted. The topic that you decide on should be relevant to the field you are.

2. Analyze your sources

Figuring out the ‘why’ in your sources of information will help you along the process of creating a thesis. Look for inconsistencies, uncertainty, and contradiction will help you develop a detailed and robust paper.

3. Create your thesis statement from a centralised theme

Develop a unique thesis statement that you can support and develop. A good thesis statement should make an arguable claim. It should encourage debate and inspire other views from different perspectives.

The thesis statement should also control the entire paper’s content. The ensuing paragraphs should exist to support the thesis statement. In so doing, it provides the article with a suitable structure.

4. Sequence your thoughts logically

It will help in expressing your thought process. Whoever will read the paper will be able to see how you arrive at your conclusions through your arguments. The use of existing references, such as case studies, will help strengthen your argument.

5. Answer the ‘why?’ ‘how?’ and ‘so what.’

You should be able to backup your claims and conclusions. You should be able to explain in detail so that whoever reads your paper can identify and understand the point you are trying to drive home.

6. Anticipate counterarguments

The best way to reinforce your stand is to anticipate the counterarguments that you may get. Being able to expect the counter-arguments and providing suitable responses to them will strengthen your position.

7. Proofread your work

A paper with zero or minimal errors is more likely to get more approval than one with a lot of mistakes. You should ensure you include all the institutional details before submission. A second party could be used to proofread your thesis. A proofreading Malaysia online job will help you ensure your work is in order.

Throughout the process of thesis writing, one should never forget these fundamentals of a thesis:

• A thesis is not a question

People who read theses expect answers to questions. Unless your’s answers an issue, then it doesn’t qualify to be called one.

• It is not a list

It should not just mention and outline reasons. It should give a detailed analysis of the consequence of those reasons.

• It should be evident

You should take a definite stand. Vague and imprecise statements should not be there.

• It should have an arguable claim

The thesis should allow for reasonable doubt and argument. The whole point of research is to give reasons for taking a particular stand. It is meant to convince those who do not share a similar opinion.


With the importance attached to a thesis, there should be significant research conducted before writing a thesis, to have an acceptable one.

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