When Is The Best Time To Get An Air Conditioner Tune-up?

Just like with maintenance on your cars, regular maintenance of your a/c unit will help your system last longer, it will keep your system running more efficiently, and it will continue to keep your power bills lower. More household energy is used to cool your home more than anything else. Anything you can do to help continue the efficiency of your system will benefit you when the power bill comes each month.

What Time of Year is Best to Tune-up My A/C Unit?

Some homeowners wait until the weather warms up before thinking about their air conditioner. By doing this, they are taking a huge gamble. Do not wait until your unit fails before calling for service. Taking care of your air conditioner now means that your HVAC system will take care of you later – at a time when you need it most.

Spring is Tune-up Season

The best time to get you’re a/c unit tuned up is early spring and can be done as late as mid to late spring. The idea is to make sure the tune-up is completed before the hot weather comes and you need to start running the system on a regular basis. Many people will be having their systems readied for the summer months, so be sure to schedule your maintenance call in enough time to get it done before the temperatures start rising. Another benefit of getting your a/c unit tuned up is that it will keep your system from having to have a lot of costly repairs. Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than having to fix problems that occur when a system isn’t taken care of properly. When you maintain your a/c, you will also extend its life rather than having to replace it after five to 10 years. A well-maintained unit can last 15 years or longer.

What’s Involved in an HVAC Tune-up?

You can expect the following to be done during you’re a/c tune-up:

Even something as simple as a dirty filter can cause problems with your a/c unit. This is an easy replacement and makes a big difference in the way your air conditioner works. A dirty filter can cause the coils of the system to freeze up. If that happens, the system then just stops blowing cool air and does no good to be on. Keeping the filters changed regularly, and the area around the a/c unit free of dust keeps the system much cleaner. If you live in a hotter climate, you will undoubtedly use your a/c unit more often, so getting a tune up about every six months or so will keep it in good running condition. Having it checked regularly like this will also help identify any problems the a/c unit might have before they become huge repair issues.

Tune-up Often & Prolong Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

Schedule your annual maintenance visit for the spring: maintenance is the essential part of making sure you have an air conditioning system in top shape. After a maintenance technician performs the necessary tune-ups, adjustments, cleanings, and replacements on your air conditioner during a visit, the system will have far less chance of breaking down during a sweltering day or reuiring extra repairs. Maintenance will also save you money: a system that goes without a tune-up for over a year will start to drain 20 percent more electricity on average than a well-maintained system. Make maintenance your priority for your AC.

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