Cosmetic surgery is about improving your appearance and self-esteem. The aesthetic changes available can lead you to more confidence and even social and work opportunities. But do you know about the many medical issues that can be resolved with a cosmetic procedure? Here are some procedures that address your beauty concerns, and can also solve some of your health issues:

Breast reduction or enhancement surgery: For large-breasted women, the weight of breast tissue can cause chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. Reduction surgery can also make exercising and movement easier, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Your clothes fit better, which builds confidence. While breast enhancement surgery is primarily for aesthetic reasons, it can lead to better posture, as you adjust to the change and shifting of your body weight.

Vision improvement: Poor vision has an impact on your quality of life. Not only does good vision help prevent injuries, it allows you to be independent, and to enjoy activities such as reading, hobbies and sports. A popular method of vision improvement is LASIK – laser eye surgery. This is usually an outpatient procedure used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK is used in cataract surgery, which can include eliminating the need for eyeglasses. While you might not mind shopping for designer eyeglasses, they can be a hindrance in hotter climates or when doing sports.

Eyelid surgery: Sometimes called hooded eyelids (think Paul McCartney), as you get older, this can cause vision obstruction. Eyelid surgery can remove the obstruction and vastly improve your sight, aside from giving you a more alert, youthful look.

Rhinoplasty: The ever-popular nose job is great for giving you the nose of your dreams. But rhinoplasty can serve a vital medical purpose by improving the condition of obstructive breathing. Improved breathing means you will be better able to exercise and sleep. You may also finally stop snoring!

Body contouring: Liposuction and tummy tucks are well-known ways to improve the look of targeted parts of the body such as stomach, thighs or upper arms. These procedures benefit you by decreasing the amount of weight you are carrying. This can improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, joint pain and heart health.

Excess skin removal: If you have lost a great deal of weight, you may be surprised that the skin does not always disappear with the fat. This can be unsightly, but more importantly, rashes and infections in the deep folds are a concern. Removal of excess skin addresses these issues, and increases your ability to move and your ability to exercise.

Skin rejuvenation: You might have skin irregularities such as scars, wrinkles and visible blood vessels or feel your skin has lost its tone. If so, skin rejuvenation processes such as laser surgery, chemical peels and dermabrasion can give you back your youthful appearance. The benefits to your health include the stimulation of collagen and the slowing of the aging process.

It is obvious that cosmetic surgery can be helpful for aesthetic and medical reasons. Whatever your reason, consult a reputable doctor and go for it!