Not only youth, but with each passing day along with advancement in technology every person is becoming a tech savy. To facilitate communication easily worldwide, many applications have been developed. The one application that raised and shined because of its facilities and simplicity is ‘WhatsApp’ . The application WhatsApp is founded by Jam Kaom and Brian Acton. It’s a messenger that enables the user to send text, images, audios and video to the person in contact with him.

WhatsApp: The Best App Messenger

Required Operating System:Android, Symbian (Anna and Belle), Windows, BlackBerry, IOS, etc. Any cellphone running on any of the above mentioned operating systems along with an internet connection can send and receive data or texts by WhatsApp. And the best thing is it’s FREE!

About the Messenger: WhatsApp has a sum total of “700 million active users” and is globally the most popular application. You must be wondering what makes it the best messaging application? Curious to know why? Well, keep reading and you will find it out.

Features of WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp doesn’t charge you for sending “texts and data” and even there is no restriction on the number of times you send a data or text. WhatsApp is unlimited and free but for sure, there is a cost of Internet Pack you pay.
  • Concerned about your Privacy? : You are the user so your privacy is in your hand. Your statue, your profile picture, your last seen can be seen only by the person you choose to be viable to in reverence to the group they are in. WhatsApp provides you with 3 privacy features:
  1. Public
  2. My Contacts
  3. Nobody

But in case you want it to be completely private, you can choose the option viable for “Nobody” but if you hide your last seen you can’t see even the other person last seen.

  • Ticks beneath the message : In a simple way you can see the state of your message, that is, whether it’s read or received by the user or not. The ticks beneath the message tell us:
  1. Single Tick: Text is delivered to the receiver.
  2. Double Tick: Receiver has received the text.
  3. Blue Ticks: Receiver has read the message.
  • Media : Images, videos, audios received and downloaded by you gets stored directly on your cell phone. In the folder WhatsAppmedia.
  • WhatsApp group : At one time you can chat with 100 users by creating a group. You can even mute it if you don’t want to be harassed by the notifications. You can even spy who read your message and who received it and when. Just select ‘your text’. When you select your text and the top most corner you will see an icon which is a circle and a small I inscribed on it. Click on it you can see above mentioned things.
  • Conversation : The entire conversation gets back up automatically. And you can even send an entire conversation by email along with all media shared. Just select the conversation and then click on email conversation.
  • Shortcuts of your Favorites : You can even create shortcuts on the main screen. But selecting their conversation and clicking on add a shortcut.
  • Broadcast a message: If you need to send a message to a wide range of contacts. Just broadcast it and each user, you select will receive it.
  • Voice texts and voice calls & Status Updates: Want to share a voice text. Just click on the microphone next to chat box and hold it till you record your text. When you are done recording release it. The voice note will be sent. Similarly, you can call a person just by clicking on the phone icon and updating Best Whatsapp Status.

So what are you waiting for?? Go and download it. Talk worldwide for free. And don’t let the distance be a barrier in communication anymore.

Happy Whatsapp’ing!