On your search for help with your accident claim, you’ve likely come across two different terms – accident claims solicitor, and accident claims lawyer. So what’s the difference between an accident claims solicitor and an accident claims lawyer?

There is No Difference

Solicitors and lawyers are both names used to describe a single professional. Yours or a law firm’s preference to use one term or the other is down to personal preference. Both terms are widely used within the law industry and by members of the public to describe a professional who practices law and provides legal services to those who’re in need of them.

What's The Difference Between An Accident Claims Solicitor And An Accident Claims Lawyer?

What are the Roles of a Solicitor and Lawyer?

The roles of a solicitor and lawyer are one in the same. To a member of the public, this role would be to provide legal services. The actual work carried out by a solicitor and lawyer depends on the setting, their specialist area and the nature of a case. Most solicitors and lawyers work on one case at a time, providing their services through a large law firm.

Are there any differences between the Two with Regards to Work-related Activities?

Not really – although as mentioned, the actual work carried out by a solicitor and lawyer depends on the setting, their specialist area and the nature of a case. Each will find themselves meeting and interviewing clients, advising clients on the law and their case, drafting documents and negotiating with clients and other professionals.

How to choose an Accident Claims Solicitor or Accident Claims Lawyer

As you’ve discovered, a solicitor and lawyer is the same thing. So there should be no bias with regards to this terminology. When it comes to actually choosing who’ll represent you, in the case of an accident claim always go with somebody who specialists in this area of the law. A good place to start is www.ukclaimlawyers.co.uk – UK Claim Lawyers specialists in all areas of personal injury law and can help you to get the compensation you deserve. They are also completely independent legal practitioners and operate on a no win, no fee basis – ideal for those who can’t afford legal bills. You can call them for free on 0800 157 1438.

How can I Trust My Solicitor or Lawyer?

This is a great question. Solicitors and lawyers working for a law firm will be vetted to ensure that they are qualified. You can also check any solicitor or lawyer’s legality in England and Wales yourself by visiting the Solicitors Regulation Authority website; all professionals in England and Wales must be on the ‘roll of solicitors’ to be able to legally call themselves a solicitor or lawyer. Use the SRA’s search feature to find your respective solicitor or lawyer.