The outermost layer of our skin is exposed to all harmful effects of the environment, impurities and as such. Cells, the building block of living organisms, have a limited lifespan and die around two or three weeks. Some dead cells do not shed off easily, like those on our faces that need to be got rid of for promoting new cell growth.

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Exfoliation is the best way to bid goodbye to dead ones and welcome new set of skin cells. A Charcoal Face Scrub can help exfoliate as well as purify the skin in the best possible manner.

Face Scrub

A facial scrub makes use of small granules, beads, chemicals or as such fine microparticles to scrub off the old skin cells and make way for new ones in a process known as exfoliation. It is like pulling off the outer rough and dull looking cover to discover the new and original beauty beneath.

You can make a face scrub at home using a few effective naturally available ingredients or buy it readymade from reputed skin care retail outlets.

Benefits of scrubbing the face & body

Scrubbing is not to irritate the skin but to enhance & improve its texture and discover the hidden glow. Exfoliating is a significant aspect of your regular skincare routine.

Scrubbing your face not just helps in removing dead skin cells, but also improves blood circulation. This eventually helps in enhancing skin health & glow naturally.

It makes your skin look refreshed and smoother to touch. Scrubbing off dead cells from face and body also helps in masking your wrinkles. They look less exaggerated.

Charcoal face scrub with suitable ingredients

For providing your skin with the benefits of both purification and exfoliation, you need to extend your hands towards face scrub products with the activated charcoal ingredient.

Activated charcoal can draw out impurities, toxins, fine metal particles etc from the skin pores with greater efficiency. It can kill skin disease-causing germs and with its antibacterial properties can inhibit their growth. It comes stuffed with antifungal properties as well. The frequency and amount of skin breakouts can be reduced considerably if scrubbed periodically using activated charcoal.

Pores accumulated with dirt, oiliness, dead cells look unsightly and tarnishes one’s natural good look. Scrubbing with activated charcoal helps in minimizing the skin pores and make them appear less prominent. It minimizes the blackhead issues as well because blackheads are triggered due to clogged pores with accumulated dirt and oil. Scrubbing only can help.

Apart from active charcoal as the basic ingredient, if the face scrub happens to include antioxidants and botanicals too then the product can pamper your skin the best way possible.

Use tips to follow

Buying an activated charcoal face scrubber or body scrubber and use it any way you wish, might not give the best result. You need to use it properly with care and caution.

First of all, buy a branded scrubber containing activated charcoal and other natural skin-soothing ingredients like botanicals. A scrubber with certain essential oil in its composition along with charcoal can be good, like jojoba oil or lavender oil.

Wash face properly with plain water before exfoliating with the scrubber. Apply it on the damp facial skin.

Do not rub it harshly on your face like you scrub your dishes and floor. It is your face, a very sensitive body part, so be gentle and apply light pressure at blackhead prone sites.

Wash it off properly using plain clean water. Pat dry. Follow it with a suitable toner and light moisturizer. It will help in reaping maximum benefits of scrubbing. Oily skin men should do it twice a week and dry skin ones just once a week.