There have been a large amount of WordPress updates over the past few years. While WordPress 4 is very similar to its predecessors, there are some important new features you should know about.

If you’re looking to create a new WordPress site, here is what’s new with version 4 of the platform, released earlier this month on September 4th.

What's New With WordPress 4

New Installation Languages

Webmasters have only been able to install WordPress in one language: English. The new version allows people from around the world to use one of a few dozen major languages to install the platform on their computer.

This new feature is especially important because nearly 30 percent of WordPress users don’t speak English, and blogs are written in over 120 languages around the world.

A Grid Section for Media

For the first time in WordPress history, the platform automatically allows users to preview media in a grid platform.

While certain plugins have allowed this in the past, and are still widely used, WordPress now automatically organizes media into grid form, regardless of the plugins used in the back end.

This new feature makes for a much better and more attractive user experience.

Widget Customization and Organization

Using more than six widgets have often made things a bit confusing when browsing WordPress sites. Now, with the new version, webmasters can organize them into one, easy-to-use drop down menu on the side, and can minimize them when necessary.

This is a welcome feature because users can now pull up plugins and use them at their convenience without having to worry about overcrowding in the back end of the website.

WordPress 4 Makes Post Editing Easier

The use of real estate on a WordPress website has been something of debate for many years. WordPress 4 partially addresses this problem with a new post editing feature.

WordPress programmers have changed the post editing box size to better fit the real estate it occupies. Users now have more room to use when editing posts, allowing them to easily add relevant content or change any errors they find. It’s been said that WordPress changed the size of the post editing box because the editing function is much more relevant to the blogging administration process than originally thought.

Plugin Browsing and Installation

Browsing through the endless plugins available on the back end of WordPress is something that has annoyed webmasters for a long time. With WordPress 4, developers have taken care of some of these issues.

WordPress users can now browse through plugin thumbnails instead of just basic links. While descriptions still leave something to be desired, integrating a thumbnail system makes the browsing experience that much more enjoyable.

Overall, WordPress has made some significant improvements over the last couple of years. WordPress 4 is the best version by far, but there are still some issues that must be addressed in later versions. Individuals new to the WordPress platform will find it much easier to create and maintain a blog with the version 4 updates.

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