Among the millions of search on Google, there is a very popular key phrase – interview body language. Around 40 lakhs searches are being done every day by the job seekers for this query. The reason behind this number of search is very simple. Getting a good job has become a bit difficult these days because companies are hiring candidates in several stages. Candidates probably clear all the stages but they find difficulties in cracking the interview. In such a scenario, your body language matters a lot. But you can overcome it by going through this article. So, let’s begin with the do’s and don’ts of an interview body language.

The do’s of Interview Body Language

  • Enter Confidently

Your first impressions do matter a lot in an interview. So, it is very necessary for you to enter confidently. Don’t be too nervous and try to calm yourself by taking a deep breath.

  • Firm Handshake

A firm handshake represents that you are confident and enthusiastic. It makes your personal sound.

  • Sit Straight

Sit in a straight position. Keep your back in such a way that your legs can be firmly placed on the ground.

  • Maintain an Eye Contact

It is of utmost importance that you are making a confident eye contact with the interviewer when they ask any question. Make an eye contact with every panelist to look confident and convincing.

  • Smile

A smile makes your look less nervous and it adds value to your pleasant persona.

  • Pay Attention to your Hand

Don’t let your hand come in between you and interviewer. It shows your nervousness.

  • Additional things to do
  • Keep your phone on silent mode.
  • Always remember to carry a pen in your pocket.

What You Should Be Your Body Language In An Interview?

The don’ts of Interview Body Language

  • Don’t be Overconfident

Say a big no to overconfidence when it comes to interviewing because it shows your negativity. Be polite and listen to them carefully and then answer. Interrupting the recruiters makes them feel that you know the company better than them.

  • Loose Handshake

A loose hand shows lack of enthusiasm and confidence in the candidate. But don’t put too much pressure because it shows your aggressive attitude.

  • Don’t Bend too much

If you have a habit of leaning outwards too much or keeping your shoulders bent, then it’s time for you to correct it before you appear for an interview. There is nothing more annoying than a lazy candidate who looks insecure all the time.

  • Stare Blankly

There is a difference between eye contact and staring. If you continue to maintain an eye contact for more than 15 seconds at a go, then it would surely make your interviewer uncomfortable. Staring at the other things in the cabin shows that you are a distracted personality. Be the focused person they are looking for.

  • Additional things to avoid
  • Avoid chewing a gum in an interview
  • Don’t take any call
  • Don’t be too much friendly with the interviewers.
  • Don’t check your watch again and again.

So, these are some of the decorum of an interview. Always try to maintain them as much as possible.

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