Whether you are Irish working in the UK but planning to move permanently back to Ireland, or you are a UK resident relocating to Ireland, you need to know whether you are owed a tax refund. If you have worked in the UK and paid taxes, you may be eligible for a tax refund. There are some items related to your tax returns that could qualify you to get a tax rebate. The following are some common errors on your tax return that could require you to claim a tax refund.

  • Failing to declare expenses

You are supposed to declare work related expenses when filling out your expat tax returns UK. If you fail to do so then you will end up overpaying your taxes, which then qualifies you for a tax refund. Many self-employed individuals fail to declare such expenses and they end up paying more tax than they should.

Go over your previous tax returns and determine whether you missed to declare any work related expenses. If you find that you made this error then you need to claim for a refund.

  • Incorrectly reporting your pension contributions

The contributions you make towards your pension scheme should grant you a tax relief. However, many people fail to correctly state their contribution amounts on their tax returns. This leads them to paying more tax than they should. Majority of the people who make this mistake are either self-employed or making contributions into a private pension.

Thus, ensure that you correctly inform HMRC of all of your pension contributions. In addition, go over your previous tax returns to determine if you have incorrectly reported your pension contributions in the past in order to see if you can make a claim for a refund.

  • Using the wrong tax code

This is the biggest error people make when they are filing their tax returns. They indicate the wrong tax code on their forms, which results in them paying more tax than they should. The error occurs mostly when people change jobs, and they forget to provide their new employers with their P45 from their previous job.

It can also happen when you have more than one job in the country, or even when you are paying tax on other incomes through your PAYE.

All these factors can result in you paying more tax than you should. It is thus imperative that you provide your P45 form to your new employer to avoid emergency tax rates, which are costly. In addition, you need to inform HMRC of any changes to your income that may be taxed through HMRC.

Alternatively, you can seek the help of professional tax refund services to assist you in determining whether you have made any of the errors above on your tax returns. One of the best companies that can assist you is Tax Rebate Services. The company will then assist you in processing your refund. You can reach out to the company using the following link,