These days, and on a global basis, some 25.6% of people that go on to make a purchase do so online. As such, there’s no argument about the importance of your business having a website.

If you need a new website for your business, among the foremost concerns is hiring a responsive web design agency that is up to the task.

As of 2018, research demonstrated that no less than 48% of consumers stated that the number 1 credibility factor is website design. So, it’s quite apparent that the stakes are glaringly high.

How to Choose a Responsive Web Design Agency

Choosing a responsive web design agency can mean the difference between your website being a success or being a failure.

So, what is it that you need to do to figure out which is the best of them?

Here are a few pointers to help you in choosing the best responsive web design agency.

Be Proactive About Your Requirements

You will want to be involved in the design process from the get-go so that you can be sure your website is reflective of not only your business in general but also of your ethos.

Stating this another way, you should have a decent concept of the way you want your site to look and about how it should function.

You might want your website to have a way to generate leads or perhaps you wish to have customer relationship management (CRM) software integrated to achieve a more detailed analysis. What about an option for making payment? Maybe you want to implement forms for users to fill in? How about security? How secure should your website be?

As the owner of the business, you’ll want to make it clear what your ideal website will look like. And you also want to hire a web design agency that is as motivated as you are to achieve what you want your website to achieve.

Ask different agencies about how they will provide for your requirements. Any agency that agrees with all of your suggestions should signify a red flag. Chances are good that agencies that always agree with client needs are merely intent on cashing in on your payment.

Proof of Completed Work

Before you hire a responsive web design agency, you should ask to see their project portfolio. The portfolio will exhibit the agency’s style, as well as its technical and design expertise.

When checking the portfolio, look out for the following:

  • Is the design truly responsive?
  • Navigation – is it natural and intuitive?
  • Content – is it easy to consume?
  • Do the text-based and visual components overlap well?

All top responsive web design agencies ensure that the implemented web aesthetics are supported by an excellent user experience.

User Experience

The quality of a website can be ascertained through user experience. Even if your website does do fine on the 0.05-second test, it doesn’t mean that conversions are guaranteed.

Web design is not only about the function and structure of the site. When partnering with a web design company, pay heed to the quality of content they typically provide.

You can achieve that by assessing how well they understand your market and how they plan to accommodate your target audience.

Though the design of your website may equate to a lower bounce rate, the thing that really matters in terms of conversion rate is your content.


Here are a few questions to ask your short-listed web design companies:

Which CRM will they use?

Websites that implement static HTML belong in the past. Websites that are designed using WordPress or Magento – content management systems (CMS) – are popular now. With no CMS in place, you’ll likely have to call your web developer on a near-weekly basis to get help.

Experienced with responsive web design?

There’s no question that responsive web design is a basic prerequisite for websites these days. The stats say that some 61% of users will never return to a website if the first-time experience was in some way displeasing.

Global internet use is now made up of 63% mobile devices, so it goes without saying that responsive web design is a must.

Provide optimisation services and ongoing maintenance?

For all web design agencies, they would be more than happy to prolong a working relationship through the provision of optimisation services and ongoing website maintenance.


Finding the best responsive web design agency is not going to be a quick-fix scenario. Nevertheless, finding a responsive web design agency is well worth the effort.

By using the above tips when searching for a web design agency it will help to ensure that your website not only looks the part but is optimised for conversions thereby helping your revenue to soar.