Did you just say that you are planning to build a porch roof but you don’t have any idea how to get started? If so, you are into the right page. This post will get you informed about several pointers that you need to take up before you get through your choice of porch roof designs.

What To Know Before You Are Good To Go With Any Porch Roof Designs

Usually, most porch roofs are designed with well-diversified hip roofs. Shed roofs are also common. The greatest challenge in the construction of a porch roof is calculating the rise and run along with the bird’s mouth of the rafters. Now that you are done with the use of a roof pitch calculator, you are now good to go for the design. However, there are several things you need to consider prior to getting through to your porch roof designs.

Measure the rise and run of the roof. Typically, most porch roofs are similar with the roof of your home. Use a reliable rise and run guide in order to help you out.

Know the type of material that you want to use. This will be partly dependent on the measurement of the rise and the run. Say for instance, if there is a unit rise of 4 or more, you are free to make use of any roof covering such as slate, asphalt shingles, tile, etc. But if it is 3 or less, asphalt shingles are the only option for you. You may also look into raising the porch roof in order to accommodate a higher unit.

What To Know Before You Are Good To Go With Any Porch Roof Designs

Determine electrical lights, receptacles and fans. Before you go to your choice of porch roof designs, make sure that you are also crystal clear with the necessary electric feature for the lights, receptacles and fans. Keep in mind that the installation of receptacle in your ceiling may mean there is a need for you to alleviate the run for the extension cords.

Note placement of windows. This is specifically meant for the windows above the new porch roof. For a rule of a thumb, you have to set least three inches underneath the window sills.

Familiarise yourself with the codes and permit requirements. It is always important that you comply with the state’s rule when it comes to the construction of roof. Apart from that, make sure that you obtain all the proper permits that are required. Unfortunately, there are some folks who don’t want to undergo this process because of hefty time and cost. However, this is very essential in order to assure your protection. Also, there are a number of insurance companies that might not pay claims in areas without the proper code.

There you have it- basic things you need to do before you realize your porch roof designs. Do take note that porch roof construction is not a laughing matter, so DIY task is not the best idea at all. You have to work with a trusted proof contractor in order to help you out. With these nuts and bolts of porch roof construction, you are now good to go for any porch roof designs.