Dog Bite is dangerous and animal control department makes sure that there is no threatening dog on the streets, biting and threatening people. The situation is changing with time and now the strict regulations have forced the pet owners to make sure that their pets are well behaved or well controlled.

However, when you face a dog bite, you need to make sure that you are taken care of and the dog is reported to the authorities. Claim and compensation is another matter, but reporting the dog is necessary. You may choose not to sue the owner for a claim, but it is your responsibility to report the case to the authorities.

What To Do When You Become A Victim Of Dog Bite

Identify The Dog And Its Owner

When a dog bites you, make sure that you identify it properly along with a few witnesses, who are willing to support your claim. Before going to the doctor, contact the dog owner to get the necessary vaccination information.

Take Photographs

When the dog bites you, the first thing you need to do is to reach a safe position and then take the photograph of the dog and your wound along with the background. It ensures that you have a strong case against the owner.

Rush to Medical Care

After taking the photographs, you should immediately rush to the nearest hospital to get medical care. Never delay this step. One should reach a doctor within a few minutes of the dog bite, since it ensures the safety and also reduces the impact of getting infected by the bite.

Gather More Information

When you have visited a doctor and received a medical treatment, you need to do a little research on the dog and its owner. If the dog owner is careless or dog has a history, then the people who live in the area will inform you about the same.

File the Report

When you know the facts, make sure to visit the county or city animal control office to file a report. It is best to take all the supporting documents and facts with you, when you visit the office. They do not require them, but if you have those documents, then they know that you are willing to pursue it to the end. Always take a receipt of the report to make sure that you have a legal paper trail of the report.

Contact an Attorney

When you are willing to pursue the matter to the end, you need to contact an attorney like Your attorney will make sure that the case will lead to a settlement and the owner and the dog are taken to justice for the negligence and irresponsible behavior of the owner.

Start a Journal

When a legal matter starts, it usually takes years to end. So, make sure that you record the timeline and every significant or insignificant event on the journal. Having a timeline helps you in giving the exact facts to the judge, even years after the incident.

These are various steps that one should take in order to get justice after a dog bite, the justice might be in the form of compensation, cancellation of dog license or any other form depending upon the decision of the judge.