Hitting a passerby on the highway while driving your car is a very big mistake, and am sure you wouldn’t want to be involved in a case as such all your days of driving. Nonetheless, regardless of how much care you take while steering, accidents between cars and pedestrians can still unexpectedly occur, and there’s nothing no-one can do to prevent some type of situations. At this juncture, the need car accident attorney come into play.

There are few things that has always occurred and are still likely to repeat itself if you unluckily find yourself in situation like this. It’s likely you’d be surprised at the occurrence at first, become a bit confused as to what happened and how it occurred, or perhaps, in your curiousity, immediately jump out of the car to examine the amount of damages done to the pedestrian in swiftness, before further moving him/her to the nearest health care/treatment center.

There are also two possibly likeable things that may occur to the pedestrian as at that moment of accident. It’s either he/she dies instantly on the spot, or survives the hit with injuries on the body. However, a lot of situations have been witnessed in the past, where most pedestrians lose their life as a result of negligence in time of accident, or perhaps delay to receiving comprehensive health care treatment after the painful happening.

If you hit someone with your car, you shouldn’t be afraid of the rot you’ve incurred upon yourself, it was not intended. Even so, it is natural for some people to panic or get confused at once, but never forget the fact that delay is dangerous. Don’t let your fear exert pressure upon you, else, you may just become another hit and run driver. And your victim’s life may just be wasted as a result of your negligence.

Here are some things to do if such things occur to you.

Save time and life: The foremost thing to do is to save life, and how best can you achieve this? By immediately rushing out of the car to the casualty. Pick up the person and press down the chest to monitor his breath in seconds, if still breathing. Endeavor to take that person to the nearest hospital, alert some people around to help you carry the person, even so, it is advisable to take a witness with you.

First aid is relevant: Depending on the pressure, the speed of your car, and the thrust, of the hit. You can easily predict the state and level of injuries leveled on the victim. First aid treatment should be swiftly drawn and administered to the victim as part of the initial treatment before rushing the person to the nearest hospital for intensive checkup and treatment.

Sprinkle water on victim: There are times when water sprinkling becomes relevant when you hit a pedestrian with your private car. The reason is that if the damages weren’t so much, or the person didn’t die. Then the person might have fainted or seriously unconscious; pouring  down water on the person at the same moment will help to revive him/her swiftly before further diagnoses.