More and more people are being burdened by consumer debts. When times are particularly hard, many people are looking to apply for debts to help them cover their expenses. Although we should be able to repay these debts, we could reach to a point where we find it impossible to repay them. Unfortunately, this is a rather common situation that has caused anxiety and stress among creditors. Fortunately, it is possible for us solve nearly all debt problems with enough persistence and hard work. Choosing the best solution could depend on our situation and there are basic options that we need to consider. Many of us are actually in debt to a lesser or greater extent. In fact, nearly all countries have debts and this is a common thing. When we plan to restructure our plan, we should come up with a good plan that allows us to make single, manageable monthly payments that can cover all our debts. This simple concept is known as debt consolidation and it could help manage the otherwise unmanageable debts.

Consolidating debts could actually become complicated, because we need to deal with many debts and combine them into one. In this case, we will need the help of debt settlement companies that work on our behalf. We shouldn’t agree to any repayment term that doesn’t significantly improve our situation. Consolidating debts can become more complicated if we have many unsecured debts. In fact, some lenders apply penalties if we pay off debts sooner than the agreed duration. There are unsecured debts that we need to be aware of, such as unpaid bills, credit cards, payday loans and others. Car loans and mortgage are essentially secured loans and they usually have lower interest rates, making it easier for us to consolidate them. When consolidating our debts, we should be able to assure consolidation loan providers that we have steady income and good assets. We need to negotiate the duration of the loan and the amount of monthly payment. If possible, we should choose fixed interest rates to avoid excessively high rates in the future due to fluctuating economic conditions.

Unfortunately for some people, the situation has become serious enough that they can’t afford to make the monthly payments even if they are already offered good consolidation plan. Fortunately, there is still a better alternative than filing for bankruptcy. This could involve debt negotiation that helps us to postpone paying some of the debts without any consequences. For lenders, this is a better choice, because they could lose much of their money if borrowers successfully file for bankruptcy protection. So, when consolidation plans could no longer help us, an IVA or comprehensive debt settlement could be a much more preferable option. This is also a better thing to do because we could avoid the lasting consequences and stigma of being bankrupt. There are many professionals who offer debt management programs and some of them are dedicated for specific types of businesses, making it easier for us to get solutions that match our situation.