What to do After University Graduation: 3 Suggestions!

After at least three years of hard work, it may seem overwhelming as to taking your next step in adulthood. But before jumping straight into a decision, it is important to research your different options. Today we discuss 3 potential choices for your life and career after completing undergraduate studies!

  1. Gap year:

For those of you who decided against a gap year pre-university, there is still the option! Following completion of your chosen degree, you might have a clearer understanding of what career you want to head into, and so feel like a gap year is suitable to take a break from education. Alternatively, the pressures of choosing what to do with your work life may still be around, without any convincing ideas as to what to do with your degree; therefore, a gap year might be perfect! Having a year out to travel the world before taking on the employment market is at the very least enviable, and in some circumstances, logical- it may be advisable to gather experience in specific fields of a career, for example.

  1. Get a job:

A very common choice after undergraduate studying, going straight into the job sector may be perfect for you! Once completing a few years of higher education in a degree you love, finding a job along the same lines is ideal. However, your first graduate job may not be indicative of your future career, so don’t hesitate when widening your job applications. That being said, getting employment isn’t plain sailing. Although there are many jobs available for those that have just graduated in a variety of areas of work, such as criminal justice graduate jobs, it may take a while before getting a successful application.

Instead of waiting for employers to deliberate over a myriad of applications, especially for placements where the number of positions is limited, self-employment is another alternative. Becoming a young entrepreneur has many advantages, such as being your own boss! 

  1. Postgraduate study:

If however, the two previous options do not interest you, and you would love to further your education in a particular subject, postgraduate studies is a great option. An exciting way to enhance your postgraduate study is to expand your understanding of different cultures by studying abroad. This not only allows you to appreciate the values and lifestyles of those around the world, but also provides you with opportunities to pick up another language.

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