What The Reading And Writing Of Blogs Can Offer Your Business

Blogs are written for a variety of different reasons from sharing a favorite hobby to promoting a business or affiliate products. There should be several things that you are able to learn by reading a blog these include some of the below.

The Author

The first thing that you should learn about when you are reading a blog is the author and their background, you should be able to tell right away if the blogs author actually knows what they are talking about in regards to the topic that they happen to be covering. Knowing that a blogger is an expert in their field will give people confidence and keep them coming back.

About Page

In order to show authority and knowledge in your niche you should create an about page. An about page should give industry background and a little history of the business and the sites author, it can also link to services and information offered by the site itself.


You should also be able to check the facts that are mentioned on blogs, this will help to solidify your position that the blogger is an expert in their field. If what they say is truthful you will know that they are the people to turn to when you need a problem solved in their particular area of expertise or niche. Bloggers can prove facts by linking to studies and other authoritive sites in their niche, when facts are presented it is good practice to always cite the source.

Consider that sometimes the content presented to you in a blog is simply for the enjoyment of reading and nothing more than that, knowing that what you are reading is purely for entertainment purposes gives you the chance to truly enjoy the blog. Enjoyment is definately something that you can gain from reading blogs.


Another thing that you need to remember when reading a blog is that all the content may not be completely original. Many times blog owners will have other writers recreate a piece for them to make it appear to be fresh content. Here again is where it becomes so important to check facts so you know what you are reading is absolutely true.

Guest Blogging

Content is not always written by the blog owner or main blogger, sometimes blogs will invite bloggers to write content for their site, a common practice known as guest blogging. When a guest writer writes for another site the owner of the site usually allows the guest to link back to their own blog or website. Guest blogging has numerous benefits for the guest and blog owner it means the guest blogger gains access to a new audience, gets highly targetted traffic to their own site and sometimes a dofollow link. Blogging solely for links is not something Google likes, see this post for more info on that.

Blogs present an excellent way for just about anyone to really hone their writing skills and even learn about their own industry. Reading blogs can be informative and entertaining, interacting with other bloggers in your industry or niche can bring all sorts of opportunities.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, online marketer, blogger and supplier of ready made SEO.

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