With so many makes, types and sizes to choose from, deciding which TV to buy can pose a considerable dilemma. There are several things to consider before making that all-important decision.

What Sort Of TV Should I Buy?


One of the most influential factors when choosing a TV is the size. ‘The bigger, the better’ may be a mantra that many TV purchasers follow, but generous proportions may not always be the best option. Think about the size of your room and how the TV will suit it. Check the dimensions to make sure the TV will fit in the room, especially in small spaces. If you’re choosing a TV for a bedroom or spare room, a smaller set may be preferable compared to one for a living room.

Features and screen quality

As TV technology has advanced and embraced all-things digital, many more of us now choose a TV according to what features it offers, and what level of viewing quality it possesses. If these aspects are important to you, research your various options and read user reviews to get an impression of what TV would suit you best. High definition (HD) TVs offer good quality viewing, but HD-Ready TVs cost less than Full HD or HD Ready 1080p. According to Techradar the most sought-after TV tech currently is Ultra HD and HDR, which offers four times the resolution of conventional HD TVs and has better contrast.


Cost considerations will come into play when choosing a new TV. As well as the set itself, think about any other aspects that you might need to pay for, such as hardware or software, the addition of a satellite or aerial repair, such as from Tewkesbury TV aerial repair business http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-and-installation-tewkesbury/. All of these things may impact your budget. The good news is that TV prices are highly competitive, and no matter how much you’ve got to spend, these days, there should be something to suit every budget. Prices start from as little as £100, with the average TV costing between £200 and £600.


The four main players in the TV sector are Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony, so if you want to stick to a tried-and-trusted brand, you won’t go too far wrong with any of these. Having said that, there are other options available, with some supermarkets and stores selling their own low-cost versions.