Quality bridal accessories can offer a deluxe and timeless look to complement your dress and provide you with keepsakes to be cherished forever. With stunning shoes, bespoke hair pieces, belts and bridal bags to choose from, there are plenty of ways to polish your bridal look. However, with so many options to choose from, it is worth following our top tips on how to get the best out of high quality bridal wear.

Choose your gown first

Knowing the style of your dress before picking your accessories dramatically helps you to create a fluid overall look. Picking accessories before your dress may be safe if you are totally confident about the style of your gown. However, the gown-picking process can often bring up surprises and it is often easier to get the major purchase of the wedding dress out of the way first. Nonetheless, quality bridal accessories allow you to personalise the bridal look, and so if you pick accessories which truly make you feel special, you can’t go far wrong.

Consider your hairdo

When choosing jewellery for a wedding, it can be helpful to have your hairstyle in mind. Dangling earrings and statement necklaces can complement up-styled hairdos and enhance your neck and makeup. If you’re choosing to wear your hair loose, studs can look chic and it can be a great opportunity to give a vintage style bag or shoes some attention. Your hairstyle and the colours and detailing of your dress may also affect which hair pieces you would like to use. However, if you haven’t decided your hairstyle beforehand, then your accessories could play a part in helping you to complete the rest of your look.

Pair style with comfort

Having killer shoes for your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to have swollen feet by the end of it. High quality natural materials are often more durable meaning that you can wear them even after the big day. Consider the material, straplines and heel length to find your perfect pair.

Don’t over complicate

Sometimes the most effective bridal looks are achieved by just the right combination of luxury and simplicity. A great method of picking the right accessories is to choose products which play to your gown’s main attributes. Classically designed dresses can be given some extra oomph by more daring accessories with plenty of detail. However, a dress with lots of embellishing may benefit from more minimalistic jewellery and shoes. It is often best to pick one statement piece which you want to really shine out and then to add a couple of extra accessories.

Have fun

Planning your special day is an exciting time and so it is important that you enjoy it. Creating a bridal look can let you experiment with styles that you may not usually go for and to add some extra glamour. However, the best looks are achieved by staying true to your personality by going for your individual style with some added extras.