What NOT To Do While You Convert Your PSD To HTML5?

We all remember solving the big and complicated mathematical problems where we arrived at the solutions after successfully completing the steps. What if we missed a single step? The end result would defer, wouldn’t it? Web development too has a list of stages that needs to be crossed before the final result arrives. The omission of a single step or any kind of miscalculation would give a negative impact on the website’s performance. One needs to be cautious during the PSD to HTML conversion stage so as to avoid making blunders.

Let me walk you through some of the mistakes that should be avoided to come up with an intrinsic web solution.

1. When you sit to code into HTML be cautious with the CSS. Do not overload it with all the inessential CSS. By inculcating the right amount of CSS you could make it easy for the website to create an impact on the online platter.

2. Do not forget to put in the images with the tag ALT. If you fail to do so then there would be a defect in the functioning of your website.

3. Make efforts to use the special characters in moderate amount as there might be chances that the search engine fails to read them. Moreover, it can increase the load time of your website due to the inconvenience caused to the search engine.

4. Do not forget to close the tags. There might be instances where you either forget to close the tags or close at wrong places. There arises a possibility where a developer fails to close the tags resulting an inaccessible website.

5. When you are showing extreme precision in all the development stages, do not forget the testing phase. It is as important as converting the PSD file to HTML. Make efforts to testing the designs on all possible devices. This way you will come to know how the website is performing and what all steps should be taken to eliminate the errors and come out with innovative solutions.

6. Do not rely blindly on all the conversion software as there might be chances of missing out on the details. The market has a variety of tools that eases out the conversion process. Always remember that the conversion process remains incomplete without the invasion of human brains and skills.

Final Notes:

Whether it is the designing stage or the PSD to HTML5 conversion stage, each and every stage needs to be carefully monitored and put in use for eloquent results. Above-mentioned were some of the blunders that need to be avoided for creating a website that is futile and engaging at the same time. A beautifully carved web design does not include the efforts of a single person or a process. It requires human resources and various stages that need to be crossed successfully to arrive at the desired result. During this process, if you forget or take a wrong step then the end results would not be as desired.

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