Buying hair extensions is not at all an easy task to accomplish. If you are not aware of the type of hair used in wigs, you may end up buying something unwanted. Every individual has his/her reason behind using the hair extensions, hence, the requirement would differ too. When it comes to buy wigs, you may see Remy or Virgin written on the label. These two hair bundles have different characteristics depending on the requirements of the person. Therefore,  before actually buying any extension or wig, you must understand the difference between Remy hair and Virgin hair.

Whether you are a male or female, you may feel the need of adding extra volume or length to your hair. However, choosing the best quality hair wigs or extensions should be your primary goal because the poor quality products you may cause health issues. This is the very reason behind the need to understand the difference between Virgin and Remy hair.

What is Virgin Hair?

It is the hair which has been collected from a single donor and have not been modified. It has not gone through any chemical processing or alteration. It has not been touched by dyes, bleaches, perms or harsh washes, hence, it is virgin.

What is Remy or Remi Hair?

Remy or Remi Hair is a type of hair which has hair cuticles aligned in one direction. It means that the hair is collected from the donor directly while keeping the cuticles aligned proportionately. If the hair cuticles are aligned properly then the hair strands will be of high quality as well.

What is the difference between the two?

You might ask if Remi Hair bundles are not altered chemically are they virgin? What is the actual difference between Remi or Virgin Hair? Here are some points you should know:

  • Virgin can be a type of Remi hair too. If the hair used in a wig are collected from a donor who has not gone under any chemical alteration then it is virgin. Additionally, if the collected hair cuticles are aligned in one direction, then they are Remi hair too.
  • Evidently, if you want to differentiate between Virgin and Remy hair, then, you can guess the same by the alignment direction of the hair cuticles.
  • Remi hair can be both virgin or non-virgin depending on their treatment.
  • Virgin hair tend to be more preferable. It is due to the improved styling options offered by them. Hair can get damaged easily and they do not even accept coloring again and leave you with frizzy texture.
  • Hair extensions or wigs those are virgin can be retained for years. They can be managed in a hassle-free manner. Hence, you don’t have to shell extra money for their maintenance.


Wigs made up of Indian hair are very popular to make hair extensions because of their color and texture. Brazilian hair is preferred next after Indian hair. However, irrespective of the location from where the hair is coming, cutting it properly makes the difference visible. Lastly, it is clear that Remi hair can be Virgin and Virgin hair can be Remi. But, the characteristics between the two are significantly different.