Telemarketing remains one of the best ways to get high-quality leads and to convert those leads into customers. The immediacy of telemarketing makes it a powerful tool. Your call staff can listen to the responses that the prospective customers are giving, and tailor their pitch to those responses.

What Makes A Successful Telemarketing Campaign?

There are a lot of challenges associated with telemarketing, however. A poorly run campaign can do a lot of damage to your brand in the long term, as consumers may come to associate it with “the hard sell” rather than the kind of product you provide. Here is a quick look at ways that you can build positive associations with your brand.

The Data Comes First

The most important part of any marketing campaign is the list. A high-quality list of genuine leads will go a long way towards improving your chances of getting some conversions. Every time you call someone who is not interested in the service you offer, you risk irritating that person, and you waste the time of your sales staff. The better you know the people you are calling, the more targeted a message you can deliver them and the greater the chances of their being interested in the call.

Permission is also essential, as the recent fine awarded to a telemarketing company that broke the law regarding the Telephone Preference Service shows. Building your own list of quality leads will help to avoid misunderstandings and untargeted calls.

Back Up Your Campaign with Other Initiatives

Most consumers will be more receptive to marketing if they recognize the brand, and that’s where working with a Gloucester SEO company to build up your name in the local area can be helpful. A full-service company such as can work with you on a campaign that covers multiple channels.

Use Voicemail

One area where a lot of companies fall down is that they don’t leave a message if their calls go to voicemail. This means they’re missing out on a chance to introduce the idea of the product or service to a new customer. Taking a few seconds to leave a message, and informing the recipient of the call that they will be called back later in the day, will help to avoid the impression of “annoying sales calls” and make the call a more personalised experience.

Know Your Product

Choosing the right outbound sales staff will also go a long way towards improving the results of your campaign. Your staff should be able to go off-script and discuss the product at length with prospective customers so that when they do reach someone who is interested in making a purchase, that person will get all of their questions answered.

The goal with a telemarketing call should not always be to secure a sale or even to get permission for another callback. Sometimes simply informing a person about your brand is enough in that it starts a relationship with that person which can be built upon later when they have a need for your product or service.

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