What Kind of Questions Can You Include in Online Survey Forms?

Are you planning to prepare online survey forms? It could be that you want to know about the new service you are planning to launch in your customer service department. It could also be about the satisfaction level of your employees in your latest outlet. Well, regardless of the theme of the survey, the survey questions are always the most crucial part of any online survey form. Put simply, it’s the questions that can make or break your project and the plans ahead. The post below offers a brief on the type of questions you can include in your online survey forms.

Categorical questions

These types of survey questions are handy when you need to have quantified data. Categorical questions enable you to gather data in percentages which help a lot in comparison study. For example, let’s say, your cosmetic brand is looking to introduce a new shade. But you are confused whether to launch velvety red or moist pink. The categorical questions will help you to gather a clear idea how many people voted for the former and how many votes the latter could fetch. This way, you will have a better idea on the more winning shade.

The most popular categorical questions are Yes/No questions, Checkbox and Multiple Choice questions.

Ordinal questions

Ordinal questions are important when you want the responses in clear order. A good example would be the question of family income of a respondent. These questions also help to gather quantifiable data for your research. The most popular ordinal questions are ranking questions and drop-down questions.

Ratio/interval questions

Ratio or interval questions are handy when you need to have advanced analysis on certain parameters of your research study. These questions enable you to find averages, test correlations as well as run regression models. These questions are usually conducted with the help of matrix, text fields and ranking scales.

Open-ended questions

The questions mentioned above are mostly close-ended questions. It means the respondent here would just have to choose a specific answer from the options given. If you want qualitative data for research, you have to have open-ended questions on your online survey form. These questions usually come up with large blank answer boxes so that respondents can elaborate their thoughts and opinion there. For example, you may want open-ended questions when you want some detailed suggestions about something in your company.  Open-ended questions help to gain deeper insights on the audience’s wants and expectations.

Tips on building online survey forms

If you are worried about your poor coding skills- don’t worry! You will find survey maker tools today like AidaForm which can help you to create perfect professional survey forms without coding woes. The web-based software is a breeze to use and even comes free of cost. Basically, a survey form builder is packed with various templates. You will only have to choose your preferred template and customize it with the standard fields and questions you want in your survey. A reliable form builder like AidaForm will also add the form to your website and share the form link on social media instantly.

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