If you’ve recently graduated and are looking to get a job with your automotive degree, there are plenty of options waiting for you. The automotive industry is ripe with opportunity, and has a variety of choices for individuals with a broad skill set and specific interest in working with cars. It’s also important to remember the skills that you’ve built in an automotive and diesel repair program, since many of them are also applicable to other industries which rely on machinery, such as construction and manufacturing. Here are several jobs to consider applying to, now that your automotive degree is in-hand.

The acquired skills

The skills you learn in automotive and diesel repair programs are transferable to a variety of industries, so it’s important that you highlight them on your resume and in any job application you fill out. Diagnostic skills, problem solving, and collaboration are all traits that you foster studying the automotive field, and each of these characteristics will make you a highly-desirable candidate. An automotive and diesel repair program will also give you the hands-on electrical and mechanical experience necessary to tackle any of the following roles.


Also known as an automotive mechanic, an automotive technician is an easy job to get if you have an automotive degree. Your day-to-day work will involve talking to customers about their issues and then analyzing their vehicle to diagnose and fix the problem. Similar to many physicians, you may also spend your time performing preventative care, as well, inspecting brakes and adjusting fluids to keep a car running smoothly. Across the United States, most automotive technicians make about $22 an hour, making this a great career option for many Americans.


Automotive engineering is another lucrative field to consider with your automotive degree, as the average national salary for this position is between $50,000 and $94,000 a year. As an engineer, you will be responsible for the creation of automobiles from an electrical, mechanical, and electronic perspective. You may specialize in any one of those areas, or serve as a safety inspector to ensure that important safety standards are appropriately met. Especially if you excelled in the technical and theoretical aspects of your studies, becoming an automotive engineer could be a great career path for you.

Sales manager

Although it may seem like a stretch compared to the previous two positions, an automotive degree will actually set you up for great success as a sales manager. Customers want to know that they are talking to an expert when buying a new car, and your experience studying cars as an automotive student can easily fulfill this need. In addition to having a better understanding of the product you are selling, you will also be able to be a better match maker, because your expertise can help point customers towards the right vehicle and will be based on solid information. The average six figure salary of a sales manager —almost $120,000 — also makes it a worthwhile career to consider.

Getting hands-on training is a recipe for success in any field, and the automotive industry is no exception. By building your technical and theoretical knowledge in an automotive program, you can set yourself up for success in a wide range of professions, from repair and engineering to a role in sales management. If the above careers look like they might be a good fit for you, start applying to automotive and diesel repair programs so you can follow your dreams and find a job that you are passionate about and still pays the bills.