Many people suffer from chronic pain that doesn’t get better over time. For these people, they must find ways to live a normal life, as the bills must still be paid, and they must head to work everyday. Later, they must look after family in the evening. Chronic pain can certainly slow someone down. Often the traditional way is treating with prescription painkillers that don’t work all that well.

Unfortunately, regular painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or other over the counter pain pills may not work all that well for extreme pain. This leads the sufferer to obtaining prescription medication from their healthcare provider. This medication may only be effective over a specific length of time, and have serious side effects.

What Exactly is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can be defined as any form of pain that lasts longer than twelve weeks. Did you know that over 100 million Americans are currently suffering from some form of chronic pain? Often marijuana in its many dispensary forms can be a better solution for people who suffer from chronic pain.

How Does Cannabis Help with Pain Relief?

For one, certain cannabis creams and ointments can directly be applied to the skin, so that the user doesn’t suffer any of the “high” effects of directly smoking marijuana. This is particularly beneficial for people who must maintain a high level of safety during their work, such as tradesmen, drivers, and factor workers. Using a safe medication will allow them to continue working.

Medical marijuana has proven effective in treating chronic pain. Since the laws are changing, it’s becoming much easier for health authorities to do studies to prove this is actually true.

Pain Management Research Continues

Chronic pain can be a part of an longterm disease, or from the healing of an injury. At times it can be puzzling. Current research can find a relationship between chronic pain and marijuana use that is beneficial.

Using medical marijuana has been proven to be effective and a much safer form of painkiller than taking opiates, which can result in overdose deaths.

It doesn’t seem to matter if a patient smokes cannabis, or they eat it in a dessert, or consume it through an oral spray—the benefits are the same. They experience relief from the endless pain.

Marijuana also contains healing compounds, so they can actually aid in reducing inflammation from a painful chronic condition. Over time, this condition can actually decrease, and assist in the healing of the patient.

What About the Side Effects of Marijuana?

Taking medical marijuana can also have fewer side effects than other prescription medication, and will improve the qualify of life for people suffering from a chronic pain condition.

Marijuana can also be more affordable than taking prescription types of medication, particularly over longterm usage.


If you are suffering from chronic pain, and traditional therapies aren’t working, or you’re tired of upset stomach and dizziness from taking opiates, talk to your doctor about switching to medical cannabis for pain.

More and more people are seeking safer alternatives for managing their chronic pain conditions. As cannabis laws change, medical marijuana will be opened up to many more people who truly need it.

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