If certain company desires to unite its geographically diverse sites without facing the issues related to Frame Relay and ATM networks, can choose MPLS VPN and connect their diverse sites conveniently as well as enjoy faster and safer network connectivity solution in Saudi Arabia. If you have purchased this facility then neither you need to buy Frame Relay circuit nor to lease a Telco line.

MPLS and VPN both are diverse kinds of technology. MPLS stands for ‘Multiprotocol Label Switching – employed to boost the release of network packages over manifold protocols. Whereas, VPN (Virtual private network) employs mutual public telecom communications like internet to offer safe and inexpensive access to distant workplaces. VPN mainly uses tunneling protocols and measures like L2TP (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol) thus extremely safe to use.

MPLS VPN is a kind of VPN that is put together with MPLS network connectivity solution in Saudi Arabia by internet service provider to offer flawless connectivity between diverse office locations. Earlier, offices were limited to WAN connectivity which works on frame relay or T1/E1 committed links which costs extremely expensive, rigid and difficult to handle for both offices and internet service providers. However, existence of MPLS also considered very old as facilitate offices to develop end-to-end circuits via using any kind of WAN technology.

What Is MPLS VPN Technology?

Different kinds of MPLS VPNs

There are basically two kinds of MPLS with VPN based services offered by the network connectivity solution in Saudi Arabia: Layer 3 MPLS VPN and Layer 2 MPLS VPN.

Layer 3 MPLS VPN

This model follows border gateway protocol (BGP) to allocate VPN allied details. With presence of this model offices can outsource routing details to internet services providers. This way enterprise can save their huge amount and enjoy less complex working structure. Even, with presence of relaxing working procedure service providers can also offer value-added services like QoS, traffic engineering, facilitate network meeting that coves data, video and data services. Even, to make the Layer 3 MPLS VPN network and facilitate customers to easy traffic parting and path separation on a joint network communication easy virtual network (EVN) have been utilized. This system is completely integrated with conventional MPLS VPN feature.

Layer 2 MPLS VPN

This method is mainly utilized by the network connectivity solution in Saudi Arabia provide to separate their network for their specific clients and facilitate them to transfer data over available network services. This facility is mainly offered to enterprises so that can manage their work conveniently. Layer 2 is basically a kind of VPN network that utilize MPLS to convey data conveniently.

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