Though the organisation of files for every legal practise is vital, it’s not necessarily obvious how it can be improved.

What is legal case management software

The solution? Legal case management software. However, many legal firms tend to resist making the necessary changes and instead continue to rely on manual systems.

Many legal firms do not wish to invest in a new system, remaining unconvinced that the upfront cost will not be worthy of the ROI.

Other firms consider open-source case management to be a solution that remains incomplete. It’s an attitude that is held because the belief is that legal case management software lacks efficiency and will not solve the specific problems that a firm might have.

Nevertheless, devoid of an open-source case management program, many firms consistently have to deal with filing systems that are disorganised, experience breakdown in communication, deadlines being missed, and much more.

Here, we consider what legal case management is and how it can help a law firm to increase overall productivity.

Legal Case Management Software Drives Team Collaboration

For many legal firms among the main issues they suffer is attempting to schedule partner meetings. Traditionally, legal firms relied on third-party scheduling software – software that fails to connect with other programmes being used in the practise.

Modern case management software allows you to greatly reduce the amount of time as well as the effort required to schedule. Rather than searching manually for everyone’s availability, the software will do this, after which, it will book a time and dispatch automated notifications to relevant parties as well as meeting reminders.

It’s easy to reschedule meetings with open-source case management software. Typically it’s a simple matter of drag and drop. Invitations to meetings can include documents and files that are needed, which makes it impossible to forget.

Legal Case Management Software Improves Organisation of Files

In the legal world meeting deadlines is critical. The manual tracking of workloads is not sufficient enough in keeping up with busy schedules. As a result of this, it’s all too easy to overlook meetings and deadlines.

The same thing can occur when you’re relying on a variety of programmes for workload management.

When you use legal case management software it’s far easier to see exactly where deadlines exist because they are listed chronologically. If a particular deadline is moved, relevant parties are notified almost immediately.

Legal Case Management Software Helps to Coordinate Communication and Retrieval of Documents

It’s vital to keep client contact details to hand and constantly updated. When several independent systems are used to store information pertaining to clients, the details can become scattered.

Through the consolidation of contact data, it will ensure the details are always to hand, thereby making client communication faster and easier.

A tracking system that is highly efficient will also permit you to find relevant files when you are communicating with your clients.

Modern legal case management software greatly tightens this up by bringing everything together in a single, easy-to-use system. With modern software, you can type a client’s name and all the information that you need will be available on your screen.

Legal Case Management Software Aids Time Tracking and Billing

To ensure accurate client billing you need a time tracking solution that is likewise accurate.

An effective solution must be easy to use and completely accessible from any location.

With modern case management software, you can enter billable hours. Those hours are automatically linked to the relevant case, and your firm is then able to provide completely accurate and transparent billing.

Legal Case Management Software Offers In-Document Search Functionality

An efficient law practise can search lengthy legal documents quickly.

With modern case management software, for each document, you can input relevant metadata making all documents and files quickly and efficiently searchable.

Legal Case Management Software Let’s You Work Remotely

Every legal professional must be able to work remotely so they can access and file documents and check client notes and records.

For many legal professionals who have experienced the need for a particular document to then realise it’s still in the office, having the capacity to work remotely offers excellent flexibility.

For a particular document that has limited physical copies, gaining online access is often vital. Even more so when numerous parties require access to the documents simultaneously.

Summing Up

Legal case management software can be far more affordable than many legal practises realise.

Legal case management software makes for a cost-effective approach in terms of solving numerous problems that your firm might be facing now.