What Investors Should Do When They Are Stuck Financially?

We often have a time when the situation doesn’t seem to unfold rather easily. Our good fortune has also come to a screeching halt. We find ourselves feeling stagnant and stuck. It’s no longer easy to feel joyful and positive with things that are happening around us. In a cycle of struggle and frustration, we should know how to bring back our investment mojo. Investors should see things that cause them to sink deeper into the feeling of self pity and guilt. As an example, this could happen when they are experiencing a string of financial failures and they start to gain debts for their mistakes. Investors could be wondering where their next monthly debt repayment will come from. Becoming an investor doesn’t mean that we will always enough money for everything. Some huge monthly expenses can be quite significant if we are not being careful. Perhaps an investor has been in a wonderful financial condition and things have been harder in the recent years. Investors need to do some drastic, if they are emotionally and energetically stuck.

Investors should be honest to themselves why the money stops coming. The indication should be quite clear, investors may start to lose the anticipation and excitement that they had been enjoying for many years. They should make the initial steps to disassemble their obstacles and leap into a new phase of growth.  It is a time for to shift to a new direction, if our current investment programs don’t breing the desired results. We should create an internal report to accurate describe our reality. If there are things that we don’t understand, we can make an interpretation. This will allow us to discern what has happened and things that will happen in the near future. If we don’t understand our own situation, it is possible that we will spiral downward into a financial doom. Financial disaster is something that we need to avoid. Often, it is worse than having zero wealth, because we could end up having negative assets and so much debt with no prospect of repaying it.

We should have a honest and positive internal conversation to counter any negative self talk. When the situation is difficult, we need to surrender to the realization that things must change for the better. No amount of self help book could help us if we don’t realize that’s something with us and we need to make real changes quickly. We need to resist any bad emotions and feeling. However, we should know that what we resist tend to persist. In this case, we need to perform positive resistance, by embracing bad things that happen to us. This will allow us to make peace with our bad feelings and then, let them go. When we do this, it is more likely that we will have a more productive day or week. It is acceptable to imperfect and we shouldn’t focus too much on small mistakes. Big details are things that we need to pay attention to.

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