The disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370 has formed two different modern technologies. Limit tracking and communications system vanish the Flight from the sight of the satellites which is already passed three weeks. With the advanced technologies the mystery won’t go unsolved.

Mystery of the Flight MH370 is still making a hope finding it with different technologies. But a small information has come out where the Flight is being crushed with the source of Satellites. If we are not from the technologies nobody would have clue said Scott Hamilton, managing director of aviation consultancy.

Many people are confused why the Mobile GPS is not being used to find the identity of the missing. Many relatives of the passenger said they were getting phones to ring, even if they remain unanswered. Smartphones can identify the pin location only if the other device is in a network location where it can transmit data unless this can’t happen.

Flight unloaded from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia at 12:40am march 8 at 1:20 am the signal transmission was lost.

Some jet planes use the satellites to regularly maintain data and send to their headquarters. Malaysian airlines did not subscribe to this service.

Tracking the flight with radar is good, but radar only works within 320 kilometers to 400 kilometers depending upon the weather suitable. Station locations are selected to follow for a slight overlap so Flight in high traffic areas are never out of reach depending on the age of technology and the weather.

Several governments spotted that the flight is in the Indian Ocean about 2500 kilometers southwest Australia. Some images are helping investigators to find more clues with some expensive tools to locate the flight.

Several plans are searching for the plane in an area that is an 8 hour round trip flight from an Australian base. That leaves only in a fuel for two hours search of the target area. Among the planes searching our Lockheed P-3 Orion and C-130 Hercules.