France is commonly known for its quality education. We also often hear the contribution of French in the modern science. However, because we go further, it is important to know more about the education in France. There are currently nearly 2 million students in France and around ten percent of them are foreign students. In France, universities are public institutions and it is open to any foreign students who have equivalent degree at high school or university in their home country. There are also specialized schools in France, they can be private or public.

However, there’s a difference between universities and specialized schools. The latter have more selective admissions process and fewer students are enrolled. Specialized schools could be related to specific fields, such as architecture, art, management, engineering and others. These schools can be chosen to ensure graduates are more competitive in an industry. Many specialized schools in France are quite prestigious and well regarded; even around the world. As an example, there are nearly 250 specialized schools for management and business in France. Many of them have affiliation with the local chambers of commerce.

HEC or École des Hautes Études Commerciales and ESCP-EAP or École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris; are among the most popular business and management schools in France. In the country, we could also find that the MBA program is quite popular. For foreign students; they can choose programs that are designed specifically for them and taught in English. In these classes, we could often find other students of many nationalities. However, we should be aware that admission in these schools can be quite selective. As an example, we should have excellent scores in GMAT and TOEFL exams.

Foreign students may also consider enrolling in specialized engineering schools in France. Graduates will obtain the diplôme d’ingénieur degree. There are many master’s level programs in engineering in the country and it could take 5 years to complete. Engineering is a diverse field and many schools have their own engineering specialties. When applying to these schools; it is important to have good application file. We will also need to undergo interview and entrance exams. Engineering programs in France are quite popular among foreign students and they should be considered.

When planning to study in France, we should obtain the proper student visa in our home country; specifically in the nearest French consulate or embassy. However, foreign students from a European Union state don’t require visa to study in France. However, for students from other countries; they will need to obtain new student visa if the plan to study for more than 6 months. We should also be aware that we can’t convert tourist visa into student visa. It is also important to get student residency permit and it’s distinct from a visa. The permit should be obtained within a couple months of their stay in France. After the permit is obtained, students can get part-time job in France to reduce financial burdens.