India’s travel-savvy population has quickly understood the importance of having a quality insurance cover while globe-trotting. However, many among us still assume travel insurance is some sort of magic potion that once purchased will make all your troubles melt away.

As with any form of insurance, travel insurance coverage is subject to many pre-conditions and small print. Those ignoring it do so at their own peril and unfortunately realize it a little too late.

That’s why we are here to help separate simple truths from the many myths!

Trip cancellation cover

Yes, travel insurance covers cancellation of your trip and also reimbursement with respect to interruptions during your journey. But does that mean you can cancel your trip on a whim?

Emphatically, NO! The reason for your cancellation must be on the list of covered reasons on your policy. It is a must to read what you sign up for.

Valid reasons may include:

  • Injury or illness strongly supported by medical documentation
  • Death of a close family member
  • Natural disasters or terrorism related incidents at the destination
  • Damage or burglary at home causing significant loss
  • Loss of passport and visa documents due to theft, etc.

Medical Insurance cover

Your travel insurance provides you protection from sudden medical or dental emergencies caused by ill health or unfortunate accidents. Your costs for medical consultation, emergency room visits, medication and more will be taken care of.

In case of a disability or even death of insured, the insurer commits to repatriating them back to their home country.

What’s excluded?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered by default and you will have to take special waivers to get them included
  • Mental health issues like depression are not covered
  • Travel specifically designed to receive medical treatment also gives the insurer grounds for rejection

Protection from travel hassles

Travel insurance covers so many seemingly tiny niggles during your journey. While it may seem insignificant, we only realize the value of a carefully packed bag when it can’t be located!

  • Lost Baggage: Reimbursement for loss of personal belongings if your luggage is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Baggage Delays: Reimbursement for emergency purchases while you wait for your delayed bags to reach you.
  • Travel Delays: Reimbursement for food, lodging and other expenses incurred during the wait for your onward flight.

Worldwide assistance

You are in a sticky situation and need help in a foreign land. This is where 24/7 assistance promised by your travel insurance provider proves invaluable.

The nearest hospital, arranging emergency treatment, translation assistance, urgent need to travel back home, reporting your lost baggage or documents, questions regarding your destination country, and so much more can be handled with just a quick phone call.


Travel insurance is now mandatory for travel to most western countries whether you are going there as a tourist or as a student. Enquire about the special waivers or add-ons that cover pre-existing medical conditions, hazardous sports, life insurance, identity theft and more.

Mitigate your risks by getting the coverage that is just right for you!