Snow guards are effective tools that greatly reduce the dangers associated with snow and ice gradually accumulating on a building’s roof (also known as ice damming). Depending on the configuration of the roof in question, the hazards of falling snow and ice can be dramatically lowered and controlled. Once you have taken everything into account – the slope or angle of the roof surface, the material, the surroundings, and foot traffic, you may have one more question. “What color snow guards should I use?”

The simple answer

Most quality snow guard manufacturers give you plenty of options in terms of colored coatings. From stone white to award blue to regal red to practically any color in-between, you would have thousands of choices should you decide to powder coat your snow guards. An additional option in regards to color includes solar reflexivity for an extra-unique look.

These choices are meant to make it possible to integrate the snow guard system into the general look and feel of the home – again, if done correctly by a qualified professional.

Let go of your fear of snow guards

One of the chief fears of people in regards to snow guards and snow fences is ruining the appearance of a house. Perhaps through negative experience with other models of snow guards or a somewhat distorted perception of how large and visible snow guards are meant to be, many homeowners keep pushing back the installation of snow retention systems indefinitely.

This perception is flawed. Quality snow guards installed in the correct manner by certified and experienced professionals need not diminish the aesthetic features of a building. In fact, a well-done snow guard job has the potential of improving the appearance and value of a house.

It is necessary to understand that snow guard systems are not like enormous satellite dishes or Christmas decorations that are never taken down – they are highly functional tools that add security and a sense of enhanced comfort.

Is color really necessary?

As mentioned before, quality snow guards are sophisticated equipment that does the job well if chosen and installed correctly. Thus the “What color snow guards should I use?” question should not be your focus – in fact, if it never crossed your mind before reading this discussion, we apologize. Importantly, it is not a vital necessity to choose powder coating color for your snow guards.

Some home owners may actually opt to have the snow retention equipment more clearly visible on their roofs. In high snow areas, a roof equipped with snow guards does not look out of place. On the contrary, all the neighbors’ roofs start to look out of place and unfinished. So if you are considering what color to use – don’t skip the colorless option, or the multi-color option, come to think of it, to stop trying to hide that you have made this important addition to the security and cared-for appearance of your home.

How to make the decision

If leaving the snow guards highly visible is not a conceivable option for you, most manufacturers would make it very simple to match the color of other roof components to your new snow guards. You will not have to do the matching approximately while looking at a computer screen – the best way to do it would be to visit the vendor directly or ask for samples to be provided to you.

A professional snow guard and snow fence company would have the tools and the specialists to help you choose. Notably, the service you receive for this seemingly trivial request would be a good indicator of what you should expect for the more complex issues. Choose wisely.

This article was written Eugene. F. Wallace, a specialist writer on construction, in whose opinion, snow guards are effective tools that greatly reduce the dangers associated with snow and ice gradually accumulating on a building’s roof.