When it comes to matters involving nutrition, women evidently have unique necessities when compared to the nutritional requirements for men. Women’s bodies are clearly very different from men’s bodies and so have their own distinctively defined nutritional necessities. In fact, many food professionals are beginning to debate that the food guidelines presently offered need to be redefined so that they clearly convey the unique nutritional requirements for both men and women.

For one thing, the caloric intake of women and men differ considerably, not only because of gender, but because of average body height and size as well. More often than not, women are, shorter and more light-weight than a man, which means they necessitate fewer daily calories than men do, at least in most cases. On average, the proper daily caloric consumption for females falls right around the range of 2000 calories every day, while the range rises by 800 additional calories for men. Unquestionably, the latter figures are evidently affected by exceptions to the rule and are directly affected by one’s lifestyle factors and as well as weight.

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In most cases, women have larger calcium needs than men do. Later in life, women are predominantly prone to diseases like osteoporosis and this problem can be readily addressed with the apt amount of calcium consumption on a regular basis. It is factual that men can fall prey to an illness like osteoporosis, but the disease is far more conspicuous in elderly women. Like calcium, females require considerably higher amounts of iron than males do. Every day, women should get at least eighteen milligrams of iron, and in order to maintain optimum health levels, the regular endorsed amounts of iron that men need are a meager eight milligrams.

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