Car keys, your mobile phone, your passport… what do all of these things have in common? If you’re like me, then you have probably lost some of these things at some point. In fact, the average person loses nine items per day and spends a lot of time running around and looking for them.

Many people have got into the habit of doing the pocket pat-down, or juggle-shuffle, checking that they have their car keys, work lanyard, phone, wallet and other items before they leave the office. If they are missing one of those things, then panic sets in – after all, just like being found on the internet, finding a phone that was thoughtfully set to silent before you went into a meeting room is an impossible proposition. Phones, in fact, have a habit of vanishing in the most annoying places, including airports. When it comes to SEO Edinburgh has plenty of companies that you can call for help; when it comes to a lost wallet, you’re more likely out of luck.

Even More Embarrassing Missing Items

The practical items listed above are just some of the most obvious missing items. A lot of people lose other things too, like socks. Personally, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve lost socks at the gym. Heading home wearing shoes but no socks is not fun, and it’s interesting explaining the missing socks to your family, too.

Another thing that goes walkabout on a regular basis is nail clippers. They go missing from the medicine cabinet, and from your gym bag too. Who on earth would want to steal someone else’s nail clippers?

You can use a company like for SEO Edinburgh companies will find useful, but you can’t exactly call in a consultant to hunt for some missing 99p nail clippers. Even so, it’s annoying to have to buy new ones on a regular basis.

Hold on to Your Valuables

Missing headphones, on the other hand, I can understand. Well, maybe not earbuds – stealing those is rather disgusting, even if you do replace the ends with clean, fresh ones. Beats and Bose are valuable enough that it’s easy to understand where the temptation to “borrow” them comes from. In fact, they’re so desirable that I think the manufacturers don’t bother with built-in obsolescence, because they know you’ll end up losing them anyway.

Stop Snacking

Another thing that seems to vanish all too often is snack food. Now, this is great for sticking to a diet – instead of having to worry about counting calories, just leave your chocolate bars or mints out in plain view on your desk. You can be pretty confident that by the time you come back from your next meeting, they’ll be gone, and your diet will still be intact. Do that enough times, and your wallet will have lost more pounds than you have!

What items do you tend to lose the most? What is the most expensive, or sentimentally valuable, item that you have ever misplaced?