Though the number of government jobs is not sufficient, most educated candidates try their hands at these before considering the private sector. If you compare the private sector, you can earn lot more than what the government jobs will offer. But still, candidates work hard and train tirelessly to crack the competitive exams. Several government competitive examinations are scheduled throughout the year. Staff Selection Commission – Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam or the SSC CHSL Exam will take place in 2018 as well. The number of seats has been increased in 2018. It is a welcome news for the candidates who desire to sit for the exams, which are scheduled under this category. (Read more about SSC CHSL here:

Different job profiles under SSC CHSL

  1. LDC or Lower Division Clerk

When any candidate joins the government department for the clerical post, he/she is recruited as LDC or Lower Division Clerk. They have to take care of the assigned office work that takes place in the department on a daily basis. Each LDC is in charge of maintaining files, data and important papers in proper order. They need to work in close association with the others to ensure that departmental works run smoothly. Registering data, files, data management on the computer, and fetching files for senior officers’ fall in the duty list of the LDCs. Typing notifications, official letters, making salary slips, bringing books or journals from office library, correcting and referencing databooks are some of the tasks that will be assigned to them.

After spending a specific time in this post, candidates may get promoted to the positions of Assistant or Upper Division Clerk, Division Clerk or to the post of Section Officer, depending on the performance, and experience.

  1. DEO or Data Entry Operator

The main tasks of the DEO are maintaining and entering data into the system, updating and safeguarding it. He/she needs to communicate the data with senior officers and clients. Each candidate who gets selected as a DEO must have an excellent knowledge of PPT, Word, and Excel. He/she must be fast with computer typing. Report and note preparation is also done by DEO. Apart from that, DEOs must also have the skills to research, and attain data from other files to complete the client’s database. When a specific data is needed, others in the department will look towards the DEO.

With experience and service time, the DEOs can expect to rise in rank and become a Grade B or C Data Entry Operator. The highest position is that of a System Analyst.

  1. Postal or Sorting Assistant

There is not much difference between the tasks of a clerk and a Sorting Assistant. The Postal or Sorting Assistants get the opportunity to work with the postal section. These candidates get posting in their native area as they are well aware of the local language. Sending mails, data maintenance, offering assistance to customers, address location, and resending undelivered mails are included in their duty list. These candidates can get placement in some government offices.

All sorting assistants can prove their worth and can climb up the promotion ladder. He/she can become Supervisor, Senior Supervisor and then finally get the post of Chief Supervisor.

  1. Court Clerk

These candidates will get posting in the civil and criminal justice department. They will assist lawyers, judges and other high placed officers in the justice department. Their duties are similar to Administrative Assistants. Administering oaths, upkeep of court data and records, legal documentation, scheduling meetings, permit issuance, and researching about cases are some of their responsibilities.

After spending considerable time in this chair, the Court Clerks will be able to rise to the post of Assistant Clerk, Bench Clerk and finally assume the responsibilities of Head Clerk.