Malibu is undoubtedly the real estate investment hub in Los Angeles. Adorned with 21 miles of beaches, nature’s scenic bounty and profitable real estate ventures, Malibu is a great place to invest for people looking for short or long term returns.

A wonderful thing about Malibu is the range of houses available here. From small condos to luxury villas, you have enormous choice in budget and design. Most of the homes are equipped with convenient amenities that make life comfortable. But what actually take your breath away are the luxury homes including those of famed celebrities. Take a walk along the waterfront and you can see homes bedecked with glass walls, stunning ultramodern interiors and every feature that drips luxury. Some of the Malibu luxury homes for sale are on the market for as much as $28 million dollars – and they are every bit worth it.

What Are The Features Of Beach House At Malibu?


Stunning views are the most prevalent feature in almost every Malibu home. After all, the glorious scenic beauty here is one of the main attractions for home buyers. Most of the homes here feature open spaces and large glass windows that are designed to “bring in the outdoors”.

To facilitate views, Malibu properties have terraces and open air balconies. Many houses have a deck overlooking the ocean as well. So, if sipping a cuppa on a clear day gazing out at the blue expanses of the ocean from the comfort of your beautifully designed and furnished home is your idea of a perfect life, welcome to Malibu.

Ultramodern Interiors

In Malibu, houses are predominantly designed in the ultramodern contemporary theme. The houses are minimalistic and uncluttered, which makes them easy to maintain as well. The main objective of the architecture here is to blend in the indoors with the outdoors. This is reason why homes here feature sleek furniture, clear edges and plain surfaces so that the interiors don’t dominate the exteriors.


The condo complexes in Malibu are equipped with facilities such as indoor or outdoor pools, fitness room, guest suites, parking lots, games room, gardens, laundry service, indoor or outdoor theatres, conference rooms, banquet hall and party space. Some condos also offer round the clock concierge service.

Each condo is equipped with fully furnished interiors, kitchen cabinetry, washer/dryer units and classy floors and ceilings. The demand for well furnished condos and homes have pushed the architects and interior designers here to surpass themselves with every residential building they design. The choice of homes you have here is truly amazing.

Beach Houses

The beach houses in Malibu are the toast of the town and flaunt some of the most stunning architecture. Some of the beach houses have their own private beaches while some others have manmade beaches right in their backyards.

There’s no doubt about the fact that Malibu is a beautiful paradise. However, the features and amenities available in the beach houses here add tonnes of comfort and convenience. This is just the right place to own a dream home.